Monday 18 October 2010

My new herbs

I have been having a crave for herbs lately. So, this weekend I made a quick trip to the garden center and got a load of new herbs to go with the ones I already have.

It all started when I was reviewing online about how to grow the thyme seeds I brought from Mexico. I learned that thyme usually grows slow at the beginning, that together with the fact that I need to sow my seeds until spring and also since I am a bit of an impatient gardener, made me decided on getting a grown plant for the winter.

Then this Friday, when I was taking a stroll at the supermarket's gardening section, I saw they have a bunch of herbs for sale. I could not resist and bought a lemon thyme there, and definitely wanted more. So, I made a plan to get some new herbs and also took a trip to Tokyo to buy some wooden pots I know would fit the herbs perfectly. Then yesterday got the new herbs.

My garden 0098 October 17, 2010

My new herbs with their planters

They had a great selection, and it was sure hard to pick which ones to buy. In the end of course, I ended up buying more than I should have, but no regrets.

The new herbs I got in my little garden in japan

From left to right in the photo above

  • Dill No idea how to cook with this but I love the flowers

  • Oregano For pasta, and for some Mexican sauces

  • Lemon balm For some good tea

  • Lavender I have always wanted a lavender

  • Rosemary This one is still blooming

  • Aloe I got this one from Mexico, more about that other day

  • Lemon Thyme Its smell reminds me of my lemon tree back at home

  • Cool Peppermint A nice addition to my current mint collection

  • Thyme The one that started all

I hope they will grow nicely, I still have to set them up in their planters, but I can do that over the week when I have time. There is much to do in my garden, and they are so many new plants.

I also got a much needed rack to hang some of the planters up the rail, because I already run out of space on the floor. I choose to put there the planter that used to have the strawberries and now has lettuce and kalanchoe sprouts. Today I set it up and it works like a charm.

My garden 0099 October 17, 2010

My new rack all set up with the lettuce seedlings


  1. You can use dill leaves chopped in egg or cheese dishes and also in salads, soups and in potato mayonnaise. - the seeds can be used in bread or in sauces too. Our rosemary is in flower too!

  2. The rack is a great idea, making use of every available space.

  3. Oh my gosh! Once those herbs develop into larger plants, the wonderful scents from all of them will be a total delight. Our thyme, lavender and rosemary overwinters quite well, even with a lot of snow, but that's about it. My sage, cilantro, basil and shiso should be finished for the year by the end of this month.

  4. You really have to make every square inch count when you live in Tokyo! What a wonderful collection of herbs there. Thyme is my favourite herb - by far!

  5. I love it when impulse buying results in new plants, especially edibles. I like dill mixed w. cumin, chili powder and lemon pepper as a rub on grilled fish.

  6. These sound lovely. Be careful with the dill, though, in the cool weather. I don't think it much likes chilly days. It might be happier in the spring for planting. You'll love it, though, I'm sure. It makes a good pesto, too.


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