Sunday 29 August 2010

My herbs

Herbs are easy to grow in little gardens. They usually thrive in containers, and most are very resistant to everything.

My mints were the first herb I got for my garden, but after seeing how they could grow so easy I decided to get some more.

My Cilantro (Coriander/Chinese parsley)

My garden 0022 July 01, 2010

my first batch of Coriander

I had to get this plant because I missed that flavor. For me "cilantro" is one of the basic herbs for cooking, also I know it is native of Asia so I was very surprised when I got to japan and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I went to many supermarkets and food stores but it was nowhere to be found. I only saw it once in Nihonbashi, but when I went back to buy it they didn't have it anymore.

Getting a bit frustrated because I couldn’t buy it fresh I decided to grow It myself. I looked around internet and research about how to grow coriander. It was winter so I had to wait, but the idea was on my mind already.

Next spring, after I moved and I discovered the garden center I got some seeds there, I sow them and waited for some tasty leafs. The plants were growing fine, but then I went on vacation and they suffer quite a bit. When I came back they didn't look good, I water them thoroughly and when the leafs got fresh I harvest them all. They were really tasty.

After that I have sowed some more, I hope they are still on season.

My sweet basil

My basil

My sweet basil is growing well

After my success growing mint and my semi success growing cilantro I wanted to get some more herbs. Last month on a trip to the garden center I saw that they had sweet basil for sale, so one more plant for my little garden. I did some research about how to grow basil and set it up.

Now it is growing very happily where the marigold used to be, it is growing quite fine and I already used it for my cooking twice.

I do want to have more herbs, but I am worried I will run out of space, my little garden is really a very little garden. Well maybe one little lavender, it can't hurt that much.


  1. I love your herb plants. I wanted to share a pic of my herb corner from this spring you'll notice cilantro in the upper corner :). I let some of it mature, so I could save seeds for next year.

  2. Thank you, your herbs look great too
    What are the little ones on the bottom?

  3. Culinary thyme, it's not winterhardy here (zone 5), but is very easy to grow from seed. It's getting pretty woody now so I'm debating drying vs. overwintering inside.

  4. I love it. Perfect of my culinary enhancement. Growing a wide variety of herbs is great for whatever reason you have- your health, your culinary tastes, your love of beauty -- congratulations!

  5. Lovely coriander is it possible to grow it in November? I live in Tokyo.


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