Sunday 22 August 2010

My little garden location

My garden June 15, 2010-4

Hello again, this time I want to start introducing my garden. To begin here is a little description of what I have available.


My garden is currently in Yokohama, Japan (before, I was living in Tokyo) we have a subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and cold enough winters. The seasons are very marked; you can definitely tell when one season is over and the next starts. It only snows a couple days a year and the temperature rarely drop below freezing, also summer can be quite hot and humid but it’s not that bad. In general I think it is perfect weather for gardening, I can plant almost anything I want and it will very possibly thrive.


I live in an apartment facing west but because I live on 10th floor my plants get nice light from 4-5am to 6-7pm and a very generous direct sunlight of around 7 hours average. I consider this a blessing for a garden in the middle of so many skyscrapers.


My little balcony is only 80cm by 2.5m so I have very little space to work but I consider that a nice challenge.


Also I am a student, and things here in japan tend to be a bit expensive so I need to be careful how I use all of my resources.


I hope that this blog helps to inspire other people to try out gardening. I wish to show that you can have a nice garden and have lots of fun even if you have a little balcony and few resources.


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