Sunday 29 August 2010

My vegetables

Back at my country I had grown food many times before. At my parents' house we have lots of lemon and orange trees, papayas, and once we even had a mango and a watermelon. However vegetables are something I had not tried since I was a kid (well we do have a chili pepper bush but it practically grows itself).

Here in japan I was convinced I wanted to try to grow some vegetables in my garden. Apart from my tomatoes here I also have beans and peppers.

My peppers

My peppers

My peppers finally got some fruit

I have a red and a yellow ornamental pepper. I got them from the trash of a flower shop last fall. I wonder why they threw them away, when I got them they still look good, I think the flower shop just needed the space. I didn't have any problem with them all winter, even though I kept them on their starter pots. They continue to flower and fruit thought the winter and into early spring.

I wasn't sure where to put them, but finally I did change them into a bigger pot. However when I change them I used some leftover banana milkshake fertilizer and I think it was too much because they stop giving fruit after that.

After the re-pot they had a couple weeks of rapid only leafs growth, then they started to bloom like crazy but dropped all flowers with no fruit. They continued doing that all spring and early summer and only until recently the amount of flowers diminished. Still no peppers though, well only one.

My beans

My beans

The beans never fully recovered from the drought

I like to grow beans because they remind me of my childhood. I always remember when I was a kid and I used to walk between the very tall bean stalks at my house garden. I don't think they were that tall, but when I was a kid they felt like giants.

Here in Japan I first sow some beans on late June. They grew like crazy, and started to take over the balcony fence, they were growing really good, and I was already counting how many I would harvest. Sadly, the beans were one of the most damaged plants on the week of the draught. Now they are only thin stalks with a couple of leafs. I guess I should get them out and try to sow some more but I haven't had the heart to do it.

For this winter I want to get some more vegetables, something that I can grow in my little balcony garden. I was thinking コマツナ (Japanese Mustard Spinach) and onions but I haven't decided yet, any recommendations?


  1. So where is "home" for you and why are you in Japan? I want to know the details! :)

    Your peppers looks great. Can't believe they were in the trash! You did a good deed saving them.

    Your beans may yet recover, they'll just need more staking if they do. Beans are so easy to start from seed, though, that it might be worth it to just start a new batch.

  2. Thank you!

    i did finally took out the beans also the blue salvia and the tomatoes.

    I'm thinking about starting again, beans are easy, but i need to do a full planing to see what stays and what goes.

    Oh and on the other topic, I'm here studying engineering and also I'm planing on doing a post about home because I'm going back to visit next month.


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