Friday 27 August 2010

My kalanchoe

From what I thought it was a indoor plant, to a plethora of flowers.

My garden 0011 June 15, 2010

My kalanchoe on its second blooming

I got my kalanchoe last winter. They were giving it away outside of a shop close to my old apartment. I had no idea what it was, but the leafs looked interesting so it came back to the apartment with me. By mid winter it had started to get new branches and a lot of flower buttons. It was a real surprise because I had no idea it was a flower plant. By February the plant had buttons on every branch and had grown quite some more. All march it continued to grow even more but none of the buttons opened.

Finally by early April all the buttons opened at once. It got completely full and continued to put out more buttons for another month. It was quite impressive since I didn't even knew it could give any flower at all. In May all the flowers dried and the plant got quite scrawny, it had dropped lots of leafs too, so the plant become a bunch of dried looking branches.

Around that time, because of all the new plants I ran out of space and decided I was going to let that one go. I think it must have heard me because it started to give flower buttons again. By mid summer it had a bunch of new buttons, but it also had grew too big.

I was going to go on vacations so decided I should try to find it a better place to live before that. Not knowing anybody who could take care of it I decided I will set it up on one of little gardens on the first floor of my apartment. My logic was that that garden looked like it could use some flowers, and since my plant had new blooms it look very pretty again, and that garden didn’t look like people took much care of it, so I might get way with it.

And So I did. Some days before my trip I took the plant down, dig a small hole in a part of the garden that look abandoned and protected enough and set up the kalanchoe. I give it some water and my best wishes. I check up on it the days before I left and it was doing fine.

Sadly when I came back from my trip I found out they had taken it away. I have no idea what they did with it, but the most likely is that it went to the trash. I wonder if they took it out because I wasn’t supposed to put anything there without permission, I noticed they only went for the kalanchoe. They didn’t do much more to the garden, they only trimmed some bamboo a little but they didn’t even took out the weed, not even the one next to where I plant the kalanchoe.

I just hope somebody took it because it look so pretty (also turns out this plants are expensive) so now it's being taken care by somebody who loves it and it keeps growing happily like always.

Luckily, before I plant it downstairs I took some cuttings and set them to grow on a little starter pot I had. I figure out the branches are similar to geranium so they must reproduce the same. It worked, now I have tree little kalanchoes growing along with the rest of my plants. They even gave flowers already. I wonder how long they will take to grow as big as their parent.

Also last month I was lucky enough that I spot some kalanchoes at my favorite garden center. Thanks to that I learned their name. And also that they come in so many different colors.

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