Wednesday 25 August 2010

My mints

Today is all about mint

My mints are by far the most successful of all my plants. They simply never stop growing.

my mints

My mints growing happy as always

I've always had wanted to have mints even before coming to japan, but back then I was never able to get hold of a mint plant.

Here in japan I found them. The first time I saw them they were selling some at kichioji station but I didn’t buy them at that moment. I didn't have enough money and I was already carrying a lot, so no extra hand to carry plants.

Much later in early winter, on a second trip to kichioji with more drive and some luck I was able to get some. I got two, one apple mint and one peppermint. They were very small and fragile.
That winter because of improper care from my part I almost lost the apple mint (I didn’t water for four days) but then I change them to a bigger pot and they start growing like crazy.

They simply didn’t stop growing, I try to harvest some cuttings now and then but they overwhelm me completely. I was lucky because as usual I did not have any clue on how to take care of mints.
By the middle of spring they both measure more than 1 meter and were by far the biggest plant in the garden.

The only problem I had with them was some yellow leafs but it was nothing serious.
I decided not to cut them and wait for the flowers. I had never seen mint flowers so I was very curious, also I wanted to take advantage of the beneficial insects they attract. They continued to grow a little more to finally bloom in early summer. They give beautiful light purple flowers one after the other.

They were very happy until that week of the dreaded vacation drought. When I came back all of them were dry. Not even a couple green leafs remained. I did what I could, I cut all the dead branches, watered thoroughly, and wished for the best.

A couple days later, some green new sprouts come out and then more and more. Now it is again in a state of never ending growing like if nothing happened. I love my mints they are such a hardy herb.

Also, now I have found several ways of avoiding being overwhelmed by the continuous growth. So it's all perfect.

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