Friday 22 June 2012

The grapes are growing

This year it will be a slow one for my little garden, there won't be much crops growing, specially this summer that I won't be around as much. However I do have a couple things growing very well, like my grapes.


The grapevine is growing

I was not expecting them to give fruit this year because they took a long time to sprout after winter. Also, they took a long time without showing any signs of flowering.


Grape flowers!

Around mid may suddenly there was a small flower bunch growing. Some time after that they become little fruits and they have been growing since.

They lost a big part of their bunch because of storms and wind, but there is still enough fruit growing to be proud of.


Small batch of pione grapes

I hope they will taste great! And I look forward to many more years when more and more will grow every season.

I will let you guys know how they do.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Long time no see..

It has been a while since my last post, and a lot of things in my life have changed, but one thing that remains is my love for gardening. So here is my attempt to revive this blog and try to get back to a set schedule.

my little garden in japan 2012 3

The garden is alive and doing well

In all that absent time, I didn’t gave myself a chance to do much gardening, but my little garden in japan has survived well. There is a long story about how it is doing now, but I will let that for another post.

my little garden in japan 2012 2

The strawberries grew very nicely

For now I just want to thank deeply to everybody who sent me messages and mails wondering what had happen to my little garden in Japan. It is amazing to know you guys care, Thank you very much!

my little garden in japan 2012 1

And they are many other things growing too

I really don’t want to let this blog fade, I still have a lot of tips to share, projects to try and gardening to do.

Time to get my hands dirty again.
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