Monday 23 August 2010

My plants

My garden June 15, 2010

Here is a small ever-changing list of the plants on my garden.
I will try to update this page accordingly to my current garden status. All my plants are now on the "my garden" page


  • Mint: One apple mint and one peppermint
  • Beans: No idea what kind I just try to sow some I didn’t eat
  • Grape: It's a Pione, I just got it this month 
  • Cilantro: Now on the second sow, I hope they are still on season
  • Basil: Sweet basil, I want to try to cook with it
  • Japanese maple tree (紅葉): The pot actually has four different kinds I'm waiting for autumn to see which one I keep
  • Kalanchoe: Pink, donated by a shop
  • Strawberry (苺): In memory of my grandfather 
  • Tomato: On the end of season
  • Pepper: Rescued form a garden shop trash
  • Torenia: White, so many flowers
  • Blue Salvia: Beautiful purple flowers
  • Zantedeschia: My first plant in japan
  • Rose: A little yellow mini rose
  • Geranium: White and red for my mom
  • Globe amaranth*: For the butterflies  


All of my plants have been an adventure on its own, some have worked some have not. Also besides from this I hope to acquire some tulips and maybe some other plants along the road.

*Updated 27 Aug 2010: A brand new globe amaranth


  1. Hi fer.

    I love your little garden!! Hope the aloe and maguey survive well....they look pretty healthy :D


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