Wednesday 25 August 2010

My japanese maple

Maple trees are one of my favorite plants. I love them since i was a kid and used to call them star leaf tree.

My japanese maple

New leafs on my Japanese maple tree 

I got this maple as a gift last year. It is one of the most stable of all
my plants
because it develops very slowly. I have had very few problems with it.

This particular batch is actually four different trees. At first I though they where just branches of the same tree that were covered by too much soil, but as it has grown and developed more, the distinction between the leafs on each branch became very obvious. I am not sure how I can try and separate all four trees, so I think what is best is to just choose one and raise accordingly.

Now I'm just waiting for October to see the turning colors and depending on that I will pick one branch to raise. I already sort of choose one because the shape of the leafs is my favorite, but maybe the colors this autumn will change my mind.

Last year I missed on the turning color of the leafs because a small vacation drought accelerated the effect and they turned brown immediately. Also not all the branches were fully developed so many had only a few leafs.

The only problems I had with the maple tree had been a moth caterpillar that ate a bunch of leafs when I wasn't looking and a very mild case of powdery mildew, probably from the strawberries. Other than that it is a very happy tree. It also resisted very well this summer vacation drought, so everything is good.

My garden 0003 April 24, 2010

My Japanese maple posing next to my Kalanchoe

I hope I can keep growing it in that pot while I try to prune and train into a nice shape.


  1. Your Japanese maple looks really healthy! We have one that is about 20 years old in the garden. Still only about 5ft tall it looks beautiful in the Autumn colours.

  2. Thank you
    Mine is about two feet tall only, it doesn't look so healthy any more, some caterpillars got their way with it, but it still have enough leafs. I hope i will be able to enjoy it this fall.


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