Monday 23 August 2010

My calla lily

Ok, this time I would like to start introducing my plants. First my Calla Lily.

My Zantedeschia

My calla lily also known as Zantedeschia

This flower was the first plant I got here in japan.

Back then I had been wanting to get some plant for my apartment but I couldn’t decide what to get. One day I was walking to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping and I saw old man selling plants out of the back of a van. I saw this beautiful purple calla lily, but unfortunately couldn’t decide to get it back then. Of course, later when I was back at home I regretted and wanted to buy it.
So for weeks I tried to go on that same road again to try to catch the man selling plants, I did find him once but no calla lily.

Finally after a month of looking I found the van and a calla lily, this time a pink one, I almost didn’t buy it because I was looking for a purple one but I manage to overcome my pickiness and bought it.

Back then I had no idea what kind of flower it was. I didn’t know the name or anything about it. I tried to do the best I could to raise it but I have to say it was mostly luck.

It flourished very nicely and got full of flowers. But then it started to get some yellow leafs and also my roommate didn’t like it because it attracted a couple fruit flies. So I had to move it outside, I also change it to a slightly bigger pot. There it continue to bloom until late September and then in autumn started to fade away. Back then I didn’t know anything about this plant all I know is that it kind of look like a bulb plant.

So I took a risk and dug them out and here is where the lucky part begins. I dug them around October which was too early for that, also I broke the bulb apart too much because I didn't have a clue and it hadn't grow big enough. And then I put them back in the soil and continue to water them all winter. Now I feel so lucky because none of the bulbs got rotten and this year they all grew into very healthy plants and bloom fully.

My calla lily

Some calla lily cuttings from this season

Even with more luck this spring I saw some Zantedeschias at my favorite garden center and learn their name, and after, thanks to google I learned finally how to take care of my calla lily properly.

Update! I submitted this post to How to find great plants, by Appalachianfeet


  1. What beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing your discovery of a great plant!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your experiences, really means a lot to me , I started a small porch garden thanks to this blog, I own an old house, we are fixing it to run a home church ( the churc is already running and is growing) but I didn't know what I was going to do with the porch the porch is really ugly and I didn't have an I deas what to do, until I got your blog now I have too many ideas and I am working on the porch all the time and seems like is changing to be best, my son just told me, "wow dad this is amazing" Thanks for runnig this blog.


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