Sunday 5 September 2010

Help! my strawberries are dying

Help! my strawberries are sick and I don’t know what I can do.

Like I said before, of all my plants my strawberries are the ones that surprise me the most. The problem is that it's not always a good surprise. This past few days the strawberries started to get a bit down during the day, they acted like if they lacked water, but I have been taking good care of them. I wonder if is a fungus, or beetles on the roots. I hope it's nothing serious, and they will recover soon. However, they don't seem to be getting better at all.

My garden 0055 September 05, 2010

Today they really got down

Today they really flopped. They went down and stay like that. I took out the one that seemed almost dead to check for any problems on the root. It does not look good. The root is all gone, almost all black or rotten and almost no white healthy roots remain. It doesn't look like a pest, so i am guessing is a fungus

My garden 0056 September 05, 2010

This root doesn't look good at all

I wonder what can I do. I hope they survive.
Anyone have an advice?


  1. The only experience I have is with the wild strawberries that grow in my garden. They always die back when the season starts changing to fall, but yours look as if they've been given too much water? The way in which you desribed the roots make it sound as if they rotted away from too much moisture.

  2. Yeah i suspect over watering, but I wonder, because i have been really careful and try to give them just enough, and it happened to all at the same time, maybe the drain hole got blocked, I will keep checking on them, i hope they survive.

  3. Too bad with the strawberries, I'm always sad when I lose a plant. Does this look like the symptoms?

  4. Thank you, that website is really good.
    From what I saw on the roots i think it's black root.
    At the end doesn't mater what it is, I know i should take out the strawberries since there is almost no chance they recover, but I have no heart to do it. I am still waiting for one last surprise

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment - I'm adding you to my bloglist for blogs outside of the UK.

    Sorry about your strawberries - hope you have more success next time.

  6. No problem, i like your blog too and I've added to my list.
    I hope this month i can get better luck with the strawberries


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