Sunday 26 September 2010

My little garden in Japan logo

Today I just wanted to do a little reference about japan and my logo because I have been getting some questions lately, so here is a little explanation. I think my logo came out a bit more subtle that I expected.

My little garden in japan banner is of course a ladybug. But is also a symbol for one of Japan's landmarks.

Torii door

The logo is composed of the very characteristic red sun of japan (japanese draw sun red, not orange or yellow) and a Torii door [鳥居・鳥栖・鶏栖]. A torii door is a traditional Japanese gate commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the sacred to the profane. Also several freestanding doors are located trough japan and are considered landmarks in most of those places.

This is what I was going for

Thanks to those who figure it out!

Also by popular request more photos i have taken of Mexico

mexico 0029 November 16, 2008

mexico 0028 November 02, 2008

mexico 0025 October 30, 2008

mexico 0023 April 14, 2008

mexico 0022 December 23, 2007

mexico 0020 August 25, 2007

Mexico's equivalent to mount Fuji. Ours is called Popocatepetl

mexico 0017 August 05, 2007

mexico 0007 April 08, 2007

mexico 0015 July 30, 2007

mexico 0014 July 01, 2007

House of the dead

mexico 0009 June 20, 2007

mexico 0005 September 29, 2006

mexico 0002 August 10, 2006

mexico 0004 September 27, 2006


  1. Those pictures are stunning! I also really like the logo, though I have to admit I did not realize at first just how clever it is.

  2. Your idea of your logo,which came from a Torii-gate is so superb and beautiful that the idea can make me happy as a Japanese to realize you've taken one of symbolic things which can introduce Japan.

  3. I notice your logo every time I come to your blog, now I have an explanation of it.

  4. Thank you guys!
    I hope people can figure out the logo, and that is memorable.
    Also is so good to know that Japanese like it too, i was afraid it could be taken as offensive or something like that.

  5. I don't think your logo is offensive to me.

    If you stayed in Japan for long time, I believe you could realize how generous most of Japanese are to any kind of religions and nationalities in the world.

  6. Great to know. I didn't want to do a cultural faux pas.

    Yes, one of the many things i like about japan, is how they are understanding of others.

  7. I've always liked your logo, I assumed it was a Kanji I'd forgotten, nice to be able to recognize it, it's very かわいい

  8. I would have never figured out the logo, I thought it was just a nice ladybug. Now that I know the story, you did a really great job designing it!


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