Sunday 5 September 2010

My little garden in japan September 2010

I would like to start every month with a little update on the status of my garden. That way I can try and keep track on how it has been changing over time.

My strawberries have been acting weird again, this time they started to get a little down during midday, like if they lacked water, even if they don't. It might be some fungus, or maybe beetles got in their roots, I hope it's nothing serious and they recover soon. Any ideas what it can be?

Also my peppers, I had talked before how this year I didn't get any luck with my peppers, they bloomed like crazy but they only give out one single pepper. Today, finally, that one pepper changed color, it is the yellow one.
I had lost track of which pepper was which one after moving them around, they grew a lot during the season, mostly on leafs, but today the one pepper that did grow turned color. Now I know which one is the yellow and which one is the red. I hope next year I will be more lucky and the plants will give many peppers.

My garden 0054 September 04, 2010

My only pepper of this year

My maple tree, haven't changed much, I think it will be late autumn when it start changing, it is still very hot now.

The calla lily, the globe amaranth, the basil, the rose, the grape and the torenia are doing great, I might need to trim a little of the torenia since it doesn’t have as much flowers, but it's all good. The calla lily is still very green, if I remember last year it didn’t go dry until November.

My mints, seem to be doing great in their new house, I expect them to continue their crazy growth in a week or more. Also because I part them now I have a lot of branches growing in little starter pots, I wonder what will I do with all, there are too many.

My kalanchoe seems to be doing great, it starts having new sprouts, I might need to change it to a bigger pot soon.

My tomato, my blue salvia and my beans are no more. I took them out, I will wait for next season to get more.

My geranium are so so, the white one doesn’t have leafs any more, and the red one started to get many white leafs (that’s how the white one start to loose its leafs) I don’t know why, I read online it's because they have too much sun so I try putting them in the shadow, I hope they can recover. Although I have seen this same effect all over Yokohama and Tokyo lately, so it might be something natural. I guess I have to wait and see.

My coriander, got attacked by beetles or something. They ate all the seedlings, I might try to sow some more and hope they are still on season.

Also I got a huge 50lt planter, and I will try to sow some veggies, probably lettuce, and maybe onions if I get some purple ones.

Did I miss anything?

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