Thursday 16 September 2010

The tulips are set!

Today it has been quite rainy, I wanted to go to the garden center to see if the strawberries are out, but I guess I will have to wait until this weekend. Still, to fulfill my gardening quota I did work on the balcony a bit. I tidied up, cut some dead branches, checked on the strawberries (they are technically dead, but some green remains so I will wait and hope), and moved things around to make more space. All normal balcony garden work.

tulips for this year

Ready to go to bed

Also, because I have been a little busy this week I hadn't set the tulips yet, so today I finally did it. It was interesting to think they will be all alone there, and I have no way of checking if they are well or not. It Is going to be hard, I think bulbs are hard to grow because they are pure gardening patience.

The tulips are set

Take care tulips, see you next year

I remember when I set the calla lily this year, I got so desperate because they took so long to grow, that I dug a little to check and I broke the tip of a growing stem, fortunately nothing bad happened the calla lily grew with no problem, but still it was a bad idea. I will have to restrain myself very hard to keep me from getting desperate, it will be a great exercise to develop some patience.

Now, my next assignment for the garden will be sow the lettuce and the kalanchoe that I have. I bought the seeds last month, but I haven't sowed them yet. Last week I took my time preparing their bed, I put some fertilizer, stir it around, and gave time so it wont burn the seedlings. It should be safe now, although now I am worried because this days have been much colder, I wonder if it is still cold enough for them to germinate.

My lettuce

My next assigment, to sow the lettuce

I hope they all grow well and I have lettuce for the winter and the tulips give out beautiful flowers next year.


  1. I don't grow tulips here. You have to wait till next year? That's an awfully long time. Now that your bulbs have gone to bed, ask them to sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

  2. I'll be looking forward to when those tulips bloom. I haven't bought bulbs yet but will do so this weekend!

  3. One thing we need as gardeners is patience. It can take a while for some things, such as tulips, to make an appearance. I like the wooden planter they will be growing in.

  4. I have only just started to think about tulips and so you are far ahead of me. I am sure yours will be beautiful.

  5. Thank you everybody!

    I really hope they grow well, now that they are sleeping tight i am starting to wonder if it was too soon, it started being hot again, hope they make it, i guess is all about patience.


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