Thursday 14 October 2010

Buying plants in japan

Some days before I left for Mexico I went to the garden center to see if I could get some new strawberries, because mines didn't make it at the end. I really like going there, I get to see a lot of beautiful plants and also learn how gardening is in japan.

My garden 0093 September 18, 2010

Yokohama Sakata no tane garden center

I got to sneak a little more photos from the main building. I admire very much Japanese aesthetics. I think is great how they display and arrange every element to fit with the others, and how they take a lot of attention to detail.

This time I got some photos of the wall displays for seeds, I like how the wall looks covered from side to side with little envelopes. Also another thing I always appreciate in the garden center is that they have a lot of flyers around with tips on how to grow the most common plants.

My garden 0091 September 18, 2010

A full wall of flower seeds

My garden 0092 September 18, 2010

Vegetable seeds

Other thing that I like is that the staff is very friendly and helpful. One time I was looking for some specific flower (Botón de oro/Tithonia), but I didn’t know the name in Japanese or English, so four very patient ladies stayed with me for around 20 minutes and tried to find out what I was talking about , we even tried with a drawing, at the end they look the Spanish name online and translate, and look for pictures there. That is not the only time, something similar happened when I was trying to ask about ladybugs, although it didn’t took that long, we figure it out with some drawing.

I had similar experiences in other places I have tried to get plants here in japan. I think is great how they treat customers, they are always nice to me. I think Japanese are very friendly and easy to approach.

My garden 0090 September 18, 2010

another peek at Yokohama Sakata no tane garden center

At the end I did bought some plants. I got some strawberries and a new geranium, all of what I will talk in a new post.

Oh, one more thing, here in japan every time you get some plants they wrap them up with paper and some soft foam plastic taking a lot of care not to hurt the flowers. This is new to me, because in Mexico I am used to just get the plants bare or with just a tray and have to struggle to avoid damaging them. They even would make a reinforced handle in case what you got is to heavy or hard to carry around.

My garden 0094 September 18, 2010

My loot, strawberries and a geranium

How are the buying plants experience in your countries?


  1. Good luck with your strawberries.

  2. Samata is one of the famous seed suppliers in Japan and I think you are right to go to the Sakata's center to find what you want.

  3. Oh come on, we want to see your plants ;)

  4. It sounds like you get really good customer service in Japan. I prefer to go to the small nurseries rather than the larger garden centres here as they usually give better service and they usually have better quality plants too.

  5. I'd come out of there having bought far far too much!

  6. That was really interesting. I agree that they certainly take more care in the packaging of the plants than we do in Canada = 0.

  7. OMG those are awesome pictures! I love the shelves of seeds... I would have spent a lot of $ there! Wow. Very cool post.

  8. I would go crazy if I were in a garden store like that. Everything is just so tempting! Over here you are on your own once you purchase a plant. No careful packaging, just thank you and have a good day. We always bring plastic bags just in case we need to protect the car from dirt falling out of the pots.

  9. It is interesting to see how plants and seeds are sold in another country. Here in Canada plants and seeds are sold in a number of places including the grocery store. The best place to get them however is a nursery.
    I enjoyed seeing some of your garden in Mexico. How neat to have a lemon tree older than you are. I love the hummingbird picture.

  10. Thank you all!
    I always have to control myself from buying like crazy, but it helps to have the budget of a student. I still spend a lot every time though.

    Also, Hope this batch of strawberries works well. I am having some problems already.

  11. Hi, thank you very much for you posts. I am currently living in Tokyo and searching for a good and not too expensive place to buy plants for my balcony. Do you maybe have an advice for my? Best, Anna


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