Tuesday 26 October 2010

New flowers in my little garden in japan

This weekend I left myself fall into an impulse again and I bought a bunch of new flowers for my little garden. This of course meant getting a new pot and a new rack to fit everything. I am very much out of space now, but as always it was worth it.

My garden 0110 October 24, 2010

New flowers for my little garden in japan

I had gone to the garden center only to get some soil, but walking down the aisles full of flowers made me wish for much more. Also, last blooming day, I had felt my garden lacking flowers quite a bit. So, with that in mind and the temptation right there, I could not resist.

My garden 0111 October 27, 2010

Flower festival at the garden center

Right now at the garden center, they have a promotion festival, and their main attraction are Pansies. As usual they have a beautiful display and everything is arranged accordingly. And of course they sure do have a lot of varieties to choose from.
I liked how one nursery classify their varieties colors by using fruits, flavors and colors. For example the blue was called blueberry, dark red was chocolate, orange was pineapple, etc. They also had many other kind of flowers on sale. Perfect for what I wanted.

My garden 0113 October 27, 2010

Prune Pansy

When I choose my flowers, I was thinking mostly on what would last. They are many flowers that are still blooming now, but probably won't past this month because it's getting colder. I tried and choose some that will bloom at least until the start of winter, I hope they do well.

It got my attention that it said that pansies last until next spring. I didn’t know they could take the winter like that. Back in my country, we could only have pansies a couple months in spring and a couple in autumn. The harsh winter and summer there is too much for them.

The flowers I got
  • Pansy I love their bright colors

  • Stock Great purple color

  • Winter Cosmos Will bloom until December hopefully

  • Alyssum I didn't had patience to wait for next year to sow my alyssum seeds

The only other flower that I want to get now, is a red rose. A bit too cliché, I know, but I have always wanted a red rose on my garden so I could give it to a very special girl. I have seen some good ones at the garden center, maybe next week I will get one.

My garden 0109 October 23, 2010

Splitting the mints again

Also, this weekend I finally set up straight all my new herbs. My mints were the most troublesome, even that I split them recently they were already overcrowding their pot. Well, that is a story for another post.


  1. That is a very lovely combination of plants and flowers. Great selection. It looks like a mini garden on its own.

  2. It's always nice to have flowers in bloom in the garden. Pansys are a favourite here in winter.

  3. Your container looks very pretty and cheerful! I know all about buying much more at the garden center than planned. :)

  4. Last year we had pansies flowering in the snow - the container looks lovely.

  5. Lovely little garden box. I do love pansies! Be watchful of the mint... it likes to steal the show and crowd out everything. Today is full of sunshine and blues skies in my garden. What a difference a day makes.

  6. Very pretty. The pansies should carry well through the winter as long as it does not get too cold. For some reason the yellow ones have always done better for me than the other colors.

  7. It's funny that while I like pansies I never buy any. That will have to change. They are like little faces smiling right back at you - who can resist? BTW, I could not help but be amazed at the marketing of the strawberry plants in your last post. Amazing.

  8. Lovely flowers! We have very little in bloom here at the moment. I almost never manage to go to the garden center for just soil, or fertilizer, and not leave without at least one new plant! That's what makes going there so much fun though!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Pansies too and enjoyed reading about shopping at Japanese nurseries.

  10. I could not pass all those flowers by without buying some as you did. Lovely plantings you have on your balcony! I look forward to seeing the planter fill out and your blooms spilling over the edges. Very Cheery! ;>)

  11. I know exactly how you feel! I can never resist, either. They look lovely. You won't regret them for a moment. I add the flowers to salad or top a dessert with them. They have no particular flavor, but they are lovely.

  12. I'm sure you've recognized winter is steadily approaching as the tempareture in Japan has dropped so suddenly.
    I believe people would miss warmth in cold winter including me so I believe you would be happy if you are surrounded with much number of flowers!

  13. The must love it when they see you coming. I don't know anyone who could say no to such a colorful display.

  14. I like how you combine different flower in your pots. Naming the pansy colour with fruit name is so Nihon rashi 日本らしく:). I am also curious what fruit do they associate with red and yellow pansy.

  15. I love pansies and stocks are so fragrant that they are also a favorite cut flower. Pansies and alyssum are a great choice for cooler temperatures. The stocks might have more of an issue if the temperature drops. I look forward to seeing the red rose you will choose.

  16. Thank you everybody!

    I hope the flowers do well on this coming winter and the thypoon that is hitting this weekend.

    I wonder if people at the garden center recongize me now, i think i must stand out going so often and being from abroad.

    Malay-Kadazan girl! They had the red and yellow pansy as candy. I thought it was very clever

  17. Your window box is lovely. I am especially smitten with that purple stock! Beautiful color.

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