Saturday 30 October 2010

My Seeds

Part of the fun of having a garden is all the planning involved on it. Being able to decide what we would grow next and where it would go is very exciting. One of my favorite parts is choosing among the infinite varieties of plants to grow.


My seeds box

I always get carried away imagining how it would be to grow this and that, and I always want to add a new plant to my garden. The only problem is that here in my little garden in Japan, we only have the very restricted space a balcony garden can provide.

Of course, this didn't stop me when getting seeds. Adding the ones I brought from Mexico and the ones I got here, now I have ended up with way more of what I would be able to have. I really doubt I can fit even a quarter of all this in my little garden. So, I am sure there will be very tough decisions to make next year, when I would have to choose what to sow.


I like to keep my seeds in jars instead of envelopes

Here is a peek into my seeds box for this year. That way you can help me decide.

  • Chives. I just got this ones, I will sow them this week, hopefully they still can catch the season.

  • Thyme I cave in to my impatience and I bought the plant, so probably I won't need these after all.

  • Alyssum I have the plant too, but I doubt it will stand the winter, so they are my back up plan.

  • Cactus A little bit of Mexico's flavor, but I have three bags, so I will give some away.


Komatsuna, Cilantro and Chile de arbol

  • Chile I have chile serrano, chile ancho, chile guajillo, chile pasilla, chile poblano, chile de arbol y chipotle. It will be impossible to pick only one.

  • Zempasuchitl The Mexican marigold, with a much stronger scent, I like this flower and it is very good for the garden, so this one is a keeper.

  • Epazote An annual herb, good for condiments.


Alyssum, Cactus and Lettuce

  • Komatsuna The one I am growing now is doing very well. So I think it can be a keeper for next winter as well.

  • Cilantro Must have for Mexican food.

  • Beans The beans I had this year didn’t do well. Even when they flower they did not got fruit. I brought some from Mexico, hopefully they can do better.


Chamomile, White flower and Beans

  • Lettuce Another of my winter vegetables that is going great.

  • Chamomile This one might go well on a planter with the Epazote, It would be a nice addition to the herb corner.

  • Unidentified white flower I picked this one up from a sidewalk in shibuya, no idea what it is.

Beside all of this, I want to grow some pumpkin, some tomato, possibly blueberries. Also, I know there will be more plants that I won't be able to resist next year.

It is definitely too much for me, anybody want some extra seeds?


  1. I would recommend sowing cilantro, it possibly you would have good germination with the cooler weather now in your area. I would love have some of your extra seeds but not sure it can get through the custom check here. Natsukashii 懐かしい the jars are so cute. I used them before to keep spices. But seeds are more colourful and fun looking:) 100yen shop?

  2. I believe you've recognized a powerful typhoon is approaching to your place. Just be careful when you out of your room.
    Komatuna is good for people who has limited space for seeding like you, I believe.

  3. I like the way that you have organized your seed collection!

  4. Your seed box looks so organized. I keep mine in little plastic cups, by far not as good looking. :)

  5. I love how organized you are! I get my bottles from specialty bottles... try googling them, you may find some you like.

  6. I too have got way more seeds than I will ever sow. It's so hard to resist them when you see them in the garden centre.

  7. You are so organized! I like the seed storage idea, because, not only is it functional, it is beautiful.

  8. Hi! Your seeds look so beautiful in those cute little jars. Is it possible to grow pumpkin in a balcony? Just one seed can grow into a giant plant. I would love to have some of your seeds. I can send you some too if you still want any. You'll have some idea on what I have from my blog.

  9. Cute way to store seeds. You have a lot! We had a garden on our deck in pots for several years until we got a community garden plot. We never tried pumpkin in a pot, but our neighbors had a hug pumpkin grow out of their compost bin.

  10. Hi! I'm very glad you found my blog so I got the chance to find your inspiring blog. Love the bottles! I think I will skip the envelopes to in the future.... You must be a pro on compact gardening!

    Happy Halloween!

  11. I love how you've displayed your seeds. Mine go into a craft kit with individual plastic storage containers and then zipped into it's own case. Efficent but not very attractive, I think your way is more beautiful.

  12. Hi; Your way of storing seeds looks great -- but in my house there would be a danger that they would get eaten, because my wife's kitchen spice-rack looks very similar! I think I would also hava a problem with space, because I have just SO MANY seeds that I would need a whole room just for the jars.

  13. Thank you everybody!
    I have been getting so many comments lately, I feel so happy that there are so many people interested on my little garden in japan.

    I have some cilantro growing among the lettuce, i tossed some seeds there just to try, I hope they can grow despite the cold.

    The typhoon got here, but luckily it was very mild, just some extra wind. I got the flower planter down to prevent my flowers to get all bald.

    I think i will try to grow the mini pumpkin, I got some seeds from one I carved, I hope it will grow tho.

    Thanks again to everyone I feel so flattered you like my bottles. Is easy to keep the seeds like because they are just a few, although they are still more then I can grow on my little balcony

  14. I liked your little botles and the way you keep your seeds!

  15. Boy, your seeds look so neat, and clean and tidy. Mine is a total mess. I have much to learn fer



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