Friday 18 March 2011

The new location of little garden in Japan

I was going to write one more post about japan, the nuclear threat and the problems with the portrayal of the crisis on the media. But I think the best way of helping showing there is no apocalypses in Japan is just going back to normal. Just one important message first.

Please don’t believe all you see on TV! Some big networks are showing things way worst of what they really are.
Look for information directly form Japan and you will see is not chaos, everything is very orderly and calm
The nuclear plant problem is NOT another Chernobyl. It is a Three Mile Island at worst.

If you want to know more, please read this:

Japan is not Chernobyl

Japan earthquake and the irresponsible media

The nuclear problem in Japan explained for a 5 year old

Don't stock on iodide pills. Leave them for those in Japan who really need them

That said, Sendai did have a lot of damage from the Tsunami and people need help, if you can please help them.

Now for gardening matters


My new balcony garden

As you know, right before coming to Mexico (for a vacation I planed months ago, not because I was running away), I moved to a new house. Because of the earthquake the plants had to stay at the apartment a couple more days, so I didn’t had a chance to sort them out or preparing them before leaving, but, in the end I was able to move them all to the new apartment.

I have never move so many plants from one place to another. It was really fun to do. I just wish I could have taken a photo of it because the truck looked like a little flower shop. Also, on the day I returned to the apartment, because I had let all the plants inside, the whole apartment smelled to flowers, and after the moving, so did the truck.


Just a couple broken stalks, but I hope they will recover

There was a little damage from the moving, because some things fell on them while they where on the truck. But, the damage is very small, I am sure they will survive well. Only the stock got hurt badly, but I think if I take good care it will be ok.

The new balcony is great. It is twice as big as the old one, and has a great south light for all day. I think the plants will be very happy living there. I just hope they will do well this days I am away. Is not as hot, and I asked somebody to water them so they should do fine.

I will show you more on how they do, later when I get back. Meanwhile, I will try and keep doing some more how to's any requests?

Please help japan with a donation or good thoughts.

Help Japan

My best hope for those in Japan. You can help donate here.


Google Checkout

Donation For Japan Earthquake 11th March 2011

American Red Cross

International Medical Corps


Donate with Paypal


  1. it's a relief to hear from you the actual story.Hopefully tsunami victims will be able to settle down again. Let us together pray for them .

    Happy holiday and may your journey be a pleasant and safe one.

  2. It's good to hear directly from someone with the actual experience. I'm glad to hear that your plants are settling in their new home.

  3. Your plants all look healthy enough. They will settle in well I'm sure. I would love to have seen a picture of the truck.

  4. Hi Fernando, hope you'll be showing us something about Mexican flora... :)

  5. Hi fer, things do not look very good in the US. I am concerned that they will not be able to stop the radiation leak. I am well aware of what it is like working with radioactive materials, sometimes years before everything is clear.


  6. Your move looks to be quite successful. I am impressed. We are two ends of the spectrum: your balcony garden which you nurture quite successfully and our 5 acres on which we are still trying.

    I am glad that you commented on the news. Sadly, the news media goes for what gets attention and right now it is the power plants. I do get tired of the babble and have learned well not to put too much stock in the news. Have a great vacation.

  7. I hope your having a wonderful time in Mexico, there is nothing better than to you go home for a while on vacation!!

    I'm looking forwar to seeing how you'll st up your new balcony since there is so much room!! I would have loved to have smelt the truck!!

    We're safe here, just a bit shaky!!

  8. I salute to Japanese, they take things calm.
    Your garden is looking great, more space for more flowers :)

  9. My friend had her citrus trees in a greenhouse and when you walked in it was the most amazing fragrance. I imagine that is how your apartment smelled! Twice the size balcony, twice the plants!

  10. It's good to know that things are not as bad as we have been led to believe. Bravo for trying to behave as normally as possible. Hope your vacation is enjoyable - you will certainly have plenty to talk about with your folks!

  11. I am glad the move went as smooth as possible

  12. Looks like your plants have settled in nicely on their new balcony. Enjoy your trip home.

  13. TV always shows things way worst of what they really are... I hope everything will end up fine... Take care, our thoughts are in Japan... I ve already posted on my blog the link for earthquake donation... In Greece we are trying to help anyway we can... We love this nation... Japan is in our hearts

  14. The balcony looks full already

  15. Thanks for the update about Japan.

    Your plants seem very happy with the move. More space, more sun. What else can they ask for?

  16. Thank you for sending more reliable news. Enjoy your time in Mexico and your new garden. Best, Lula

  17. Good to know your plants are with you now. Knowing how you love plants, I'm sure they will recover quickly from the transport damage. A southern sun exposure will surely help them grow healthy and strong.

  18. Happy your plants are moved...with little injury. It is good for me to see how much you grow on your balcony...surely I can grow plants on my patio. What I have to beware of is the heat of summer.

  19. Congratulations Fer. You are in the top 5 of most visited on Blotanica. I am impressed and you deserve it. cheers. ann

  20. Plants can spread good vibes, and are natural healers. Hoping that all your plants recoup and grow healthy.

    Take care.


  21. Thank you very much! Is very nice to see all the appreciation. And special thanks to everybody in blotanical! I have never been so up in the ranks

    I hope everybody is safe back in japan.

  22. Fer - thanks for sharing a better reality of the situation in Japan.

    Your balcony garden is fantastic! Everything is beautiful. :)

  23. I am glad that you are safe and the move to your new location went well. I do hate the way news media sensationalize every story, grabbing tidbits of information and blowing them up. Japan has suffered terrible tragedy. I admire the courageous and orderly way its people are meeting this challenge.

  24. Hi Fer, I am glad you are settled in your new apartment. Our thoughts are with the people of Japan.

  25. Wow! More space = more plants. As for how-to's, do you have onions? I tried planting from seed today but if you have any tips on onions in containers I would appreciate it. For my grapes, I have yet to construct the support. I have been procrastinating because I don't know if I will be able to do it properly. Can you pls share with me a picture of your support instead of an illustration?

  26. Have a good long break in your hometown! Hope to see stories from Mexico later. Lovely to see your flowers and plants are happy with their new more spacious home! Dont like to watch too much news on Japan, Im sure there are so much suffering for those who have lost their families and relatives. Japan will come back good and strong after these disasters. Im praying for Japan and her people!

  27. Hello Fer, as I knew, in spite of difficult time, Japanese people act in a calm and organize manner. They still need help though and I will do my calls again, I am sure. Our news still report from Japan but, unfortunately, now is Libya crisis more actual and more close to Croatia.
    I am curious what will you plant ion your balcony this season. Have a nice day, Kalipso

  28. I am happy that you and your garden are OK. My thoughts and prayers are with Japan. We made donation through American Red Cross.


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