Saturday 26 March 2011

My little garden in Japan March 2011

Today was a very long day. I was out all day with my family and had a lot of fun, but running around with a six year old hyper kid, a seven year old little girl and a one year old "starting to run" baby, drained my energy completely. So, I was not on the best mind state to call a bunch of companies and deal with a lot of little mishaps I had. The most frustrating was dealing with my flight's travel itinerary. Turns out that my flight to Tokyo was cancelled because of the problems that Japan has been having with the nuclear plant, the earthquake and the tsunami. I can understand that, it happens. But, the problem is that the new flight they can book for me will have me stranded in Los Angeles airport for one day, and will add six hours to a already long flight. I will end up going in an almost one day and 20 hour flight!

This on top of having my luggage lost on the way to Mexico. Which by the way, happened right after I took some time mid trip and went to the Delta counter to ask if my luggage was doing ok. I had two connections, so I wanted to make sure it will get home with me. I asked, they told me it was on route. I got home, the bag was not there. Definitely not good. And, if I add having to deal with a very unfriendly customer service person from Delta Mexico, this has been the most problematic plane ride I ever had. This time was definitely not the best airline experience.

Well, ok, not much more left to do. There is not a waiting list for a better flight at delta. Oh, and for the record, delta's customer service from tweeter was better, too bad they also weren’t able to help.

Now I will have to take that twenty hour flight, my last hope is to try and see if at least I can get them to let me stay at the delta skyclub to spend the night while in LAX. It would really make my day. Anybody has an idea how to get that?


Spring blooming starts

Anyhow, back to the gardening matters. Hopefully my little garden in Japan will not be dry if the landlord helped me out and watered the plants. If not, it will be a very sad sight when I return. But for now I am still at Mexico, so here is how my little garden in Mexico is doing.


Even in the desert there are a lot of flowers

Here the spring is at full. There are a lot of flowers and life is at full. Perfect for brightening a frustrating day.


Papayas growing among the bugambilia


The aloe starts to flower


The petunias are blooming beautifully


The desert plants start to grow again


The oranges started to grow


And as always, there is a hummingbird in the garden

We have a bunch of new plants because we went to the nursery, but I will let those for a new post. Hope everybody is having a great spring!

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  1. Hope your journey back isn't too boring.

  2. Good luck coming back to Japan! Mexican spring looks lovely.

  3. I know how flight delay means, so tiring and frustrating especially with active kids, unless they put you in a 5-star hotel but still all you want to do is just get and reach home safely! Too bad about your lost luggage..that is one of the few frightening things to happen when you travel! Hope everything will turn out ok eventually for you Fer.

  4. Glad you finally got your flight and everything works out on your return trip. I enjoyed the current photos though.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. Wishing you the best on your trip back to Japan.

    If you have american express delta mileage card you can purchase one time use for their skyclub, the price is not too bad.

    Enjoy your last days/hours of your vacation. That's always the saddest part for me when I go visit my family knowing that I wont see them again for at least another year.

  6. Good luck on the return flight. I would just call Delta and explain that your flight was canceled and rebooked and then ask if they would be willing to allow you to use the lounge as compensation. Good luck!! BTW, beautiful Mexican photos!!

  7. I know being home is nice, even with all the hassles of getting there. Sounds like you could write a book on your travel dilemma.
    I had to look closely to see the hummingbird! Great shot.

  8. Thank you very much! I think the garden looks great. And even more now that it has some new flowers in it.

    Hopefully the trip won't be too boring. I had tried to call Delta to ask for them to let me stay at the lounge, but so far no good.

  9. Poor you, Fer. Sounds terrible. Hopefully you feel better after venting the problems out. :) Your garden and photos are excellent. Surely that has brightened up our day. Thanks for that. Have a comfortable journey back to your balcony garden.

  10. Sympathy! (about the hassle with the flight, I mean). At least your bad experiences have evidently not diminished your ability to appreciate and capture in photos the beauty of all those lovely Mexican plants. Hope all your own ones back in Japan are OK.

  11. Crikey, what a frustrating time you have been having travel-wise. Hope the trip back is merely boring, and your luggage joins you safely. In the mean time, the flowers in your Mexico garden are beautiful, balm for the hassled mind.

  12. The Mexican garden looks great. So much happening in it already! I am sure your Japan garden will be fine on your return, tho' I am certain your plants will have missed you.

  13. Hope you will return soon to Japan without any trouble! Hope you get your luggage back too!

  14. That must have been tiring! Hope you rested well. The aloe flower looks stunning; I must wait for my plant to flower.

  15. Papayas! I haven't eaten that fruit in of my favorite tropical fruits to fill up on whenever I'm back in Hawaii. I hope your trip back to Japan won't cause you any more trouble than it already has!

  16. Blimey Fer, you will need a rest after this holiday. Love your garden in Mexico though.

  17. Sorry to hear your baggage lost. I experienced once when i traveled alone to NZ, it was really frustrating having to wait for it to reach me only the next day. Your garden in Mexico looks great. It is so good to be home :)

  18. Have you been reunited with your luggage already? That happened to me and my wife before (Northwest before Delta took over) but fortunately, we had it back with us within 24 hours and they did give us vouchers for refund of purchases of toiletries and necessities. As for the lounge, maybe it is possible. My father in law was on a much longer flight just last week and he mentioned that the airline granted his request to be checked into a hotel. I do hope things work out for you and that your landlord was kind enough to take care of your balcony in your absence.

  19. Hi Fer, I once had my luggage go missing between Frankfurt and London. It took the airline days to locate my bags and so I can appreciate what you are going through. Hopefully, you will be able to get your flights and bags organized and in good order. I also hope that your garden is doing alright in your absence.

  20. Thank you very much! There are a lot of things I want to show about the garden here in Mexico

    Hopefully the trip will just be boring. But soon I will be home

  21. Wish you a safe trip back...

  22. Just checking back to read any postings you may have written.

    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

  23. Fer - 20 hours of flight travel is just not good, no matter how anyone looks at it! (Bad customer service makes it worse...) If you have to be 'stranded' - your Mexican garden is the place to be! Simply beautiful. :D

  24. Ugh! Lost luggage! I've dealt with that before and ending up spending a bunch of money to replace things I needed until the luggage arrived. Your garden in Mexico looks warm and wonderful!

  25. So sorry to hear about lost luggage, my DH Don flew a lot years ago and the luggage was always getting lost! Flowers are beautiful thank you for sharing photos!


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