Sunday 20 March 2011

My Bougainvillea

One of the favorite plants on my garden at Mexico is my Bougainvillea. It is a beautiful bush/tree that blooms and continues growing all year round. Almost everybody compliments on it, and it has been one of the landmarks for our house.


My bugambilia in full bloom

Last time I came to Mexico, I had introduce it. But back then, because we had had some very strong winds that took down a lot of the flowers, I was not able to show it on its full glory. This time I was more lucky and got to take a photo of it on its prime.

We have around ten different plants on the garden. They started as little plants that we put around the outer fence. At one point they took over the whole front and looked amazing, but they grew too thick, so we decided to prune them in a tree form better. Also, at the beginning they had rarely any blooms. But, one time when we were at the garden, we (my father and I) said that it might be good to prune it away, because it didn't seem like flowering much. Since that time it started flowering like crazy to the point that my dad never ever wants to prune it at all.


The other bugambilias are also blooming nicely

The biggest bugambilia (spanish) we have are actually two different plants. They grew so big that they mixed together and made one big bunch. They look amazing all bloomed, we are so happy it decided to flower already. Other thing, after they started blooming so much, my dad started getting cuttings from them and planting more around the house. Now we have one on the sidewalk and others on the back. Even my grandmother has one at her house from our garden. They all seem to be growing nice.

It is a very beautiful plant to have, and I would recommend it to anybody with a big and sunny space to fill.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love Bougainvillea. For a second I thought it was in Japan and for a second thought it was hardier than it is. Oh well, I could always try growing it indoors here.

  2. I can see why your Bougainvillea is a landmark.
    Awesome !

  3. Your Bougainvilleas are astonishing! Here in Italy we can grow them with such success only in the southern regions. Sincere congratulations.

  4. You seem to be surrounded with many beautiful flowers in your country.
    And thank you for keeping on posting donation sites for Japan.
    You are focusing on the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.
    Now Japan Defence Forces, National Fire fighters are trying to stop the disaster with risking their lives! And some progress have been seen!

  5. I love Bougainvillea! You've indeed captured it in its full glory. Enjoy your time back home in Mexico!

  6. Beautiful plant, we use it as an annual in our area.


  7. Fer, am happy to know that you are ok with the earthquake...
    bougainvilleas are really pretty flowers... we have loads of them at my house in Malaysia as well...

  8. Your Bougainvillea attracts passersby, so beautiful. It is actually a very easy to grow plant but i killed 2 in my hand. Black fingers, haha.

  9. Very impressive specimens! We never get Bougainvillea like that in the UK because our climate is not warm enough. It looks best against a white wall, and I expect a lot of houses in Mexico are whitewashed, aren't they?

  10. I would like one in my garden, but here it is to cold.
    Your is amazing.

  11. It's so beautiful, reminds me of my mums in Australia. Have you ever thoght of growing one on your balcony? They grow well here in Shizuoka in the right spot!

  12. It's beautiful - you can get different colours too can't you?

  13. Very beautiful. I have always loved bougainvilleas, though I have never lived in a place where they can be grown outside all year round. As a result I have to content myself with a potted specimen that I keep at my parents' house.

  14. This plants grows happily in the coastal regions of Croatia too. But, I have to grow my in the large pot. It will never reach the size of normal growing Bouganvillia but even small, it is worthwhile waiting for those beautifully coloured bracts.

  15. They are gorgeous. We use them as annuals in our area and they are espensive.


  16. The Bougainvillea is beautiful. Here they are house plants and we find them at the garden centers. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. cheers. ann

  17. I love buganvillas, and with a Mexican blue sky in the background: impressive!

  18. Such a beautiful plant...with an interesting history. Enjoyed your post and continue my prayers for Japan!

  19. Beautiful Bugambilia plant with striking red flowers! It really look like Bougainvillea

  20. wow gorgeous bouganvillea, in the netherlands they freeze to death in winter, so people keep them as indoor plant.
    In italy they are also growing very big. I once thought it was an mediterrean plant :) but its native from mexico and around middle america i found out. :) Its very nice. They always remind me of summer holiday, thank you :)

    Hydrangea works better out here, mabe its also a good idea to plant one in a large pot in your nice garden in japan. These are very easy to grow and frost resistant (at least here in holland).
    Try hydrangea paniculata species. Ok i look like a vendor, but i just really like flowers.
    and want to share my enthousiasm with you :)

    By the way, if you get one, plant spring flowers at the base, when the bush is still bald, you will see the pretty springflowers, (snowdrops and crocus) and when they are bloomed out, your hydrangea gets leafs.

  21. Dear Fer, it's good to know that you are safe and can deal with your little garden. It's startling how well things are organized even where the losses are huge. I wish strength for those who lost what are the most important for us - beloved people and home with running water, warmth and pillow.

  22. I love the Bougainvillea but they do not grow well in our area. I enjoy seeing their beauty when I visit warmer climates.

    My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

  23. Love your Bougainvillea,as you can probably imagine, if they were to grow in Scotland, our garden would be smothered with them.

  24. I have lusted over the bugambilia for years after seeing it in Kenya oh so long ago. Your father has a wonderful specimen.
    I am glad to know you are all right in Japan. Best thoughts and wishes at this time, Patty

  25. I much prefer the name 'Bugambilia' it conveys the idea of being blasted with colour whereas 'Bougainvillia' makes me feel as if I should be putting on my best dress.

    I'm wondering about your interest in the technicalities of the Fukushima situation. I know you are an engineer and am now wondering if this is your particular field. ? ? ?



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