Saturday 11 June 2011

My pineapple

Back at Mexico city, when my grandfather was still with us, he used to grow an amazing roof top balcony. He and my grandma grew a lot of plants. They had roses, chilies, strawberries, grapes and many other great things. Actually I started growing strawberries and grapes here because eating them at his garden Is a very happy memory of my childhood. However I think the most amazing and surprising plant he ever grew was a pineapple. Mexico city is a very cold place, it is high in the mountains and is not the most sunny city. Also, even though it doesn't snow, the winters are very cold, a couple degrees under cero. So growing a pineapple there fully outdoors is very hard. I still remember how some people said that it would not be able to grow any fruit, but in the end it did, and it was delicious.


I started growing two pineapple tops

Then, along with my grape and my strawberries, I want to grow a pineapple in memory of my grandpa. I would feel very proud if I succeed.

Pineapples are a bit expensive here to be buying them often, so I have limited chances. But lucky me I got my hands on a really good one a month ago, and another one this week. I have both growing directly into soil in small pots. Hopefully the hot weather will let them grow some roots. So far they seem to be well. The one from a month ago seems like is rooting already, but it is still very soon to tell.


Hopefully they will grow well

I had already tried growing one last autumn, but the winter was to much for it and it didn't make it. I am hoping that this time, since I am starting them much earlier they will gain enough strength to survive. If they do, I really have no idea what will I do with two grown pineapples, but I still wanted to give it a try. Growing pineapples from tops is a long commitment, so there will be plenty of time to decide.


And give delicious pineapples in the future

I will be posting how they do, wish me luck


  1. Good luck with the Pineapples! Seems like a fun experiment. How many months does it take for them to mature?

  2. I've never heard of growing pineapple before. What a fun project! Do you just cut the tops off and the root them in water before potting up?

  3. Maybe you can bring them inside and keep them on a windowsill during the coldest time of winter.
    Also, if by any chance they do not root properly, here is what I have done in the past to root pineapple tops (I am not sure if you are already planting them this way, but if not this might be worth a try): Cut the top of with a few centimeters of fruit, then let it dry for a few days. After that, carve away the flesh around the central woody portion and pull of the bottom 4 or 5 rows of leaves so you can see rows little brown dots on the stem - these are were the roots sprout from. Plant it in a pot, water, and then cover the whole in a ziploc bag to keep it warm and humid, and keep it in a shaded spot until it roots.

    Best of luck!

  4. I love pineapple and would love to grow them but we're not tropical enough. How did your grandpa grow them in such a cold climate? Good luck with your tops!

  5. Thank you very much! I hope the pineapples do well. I think they will enjoy this summer months.

    PlantPostings ~ If everything goes well, I might have some fruit in 2 years. A bit long, but it is ok.

    Marguerite ~ This time i decided not to root them in water, last time i tried that and it didn't went well. I put them directly to the ground this time.

    College Gardener ~ Yes, that was almost exactly what I did. But I didn't know about the ziploc bag, thanks for the tip, I will try with the plastic bag.

    Casa Mariposa ~ I have heard of people growing them in england half indoors, maybe you can give it a try. It is a very fun project. I wish I knew what my grandpa did, but I have no clue.

  6. The Hawaii boy in me is rooting for the success of this one! I LOVE pineapples!


  7. It does work and you get a nice plant. Have fun with your project!

  8. What a fun project! I hope you have success and look forward to hearing about your progress!

  9. I am sorry, it seems there was a a problem with blogger and a batch of comments got deleted.

    Thank you to those who posted. Feel free to repost

  10. I remember when I was small my Mother growing pineapples in soil indoors. And she also grew sweet potatoes in a water glass, along with carrot tops.

    Great memories, and good luck with your pineapple.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. What a lovely idea. I can't wait now for our summer so that I can try too.

  12. Hope you have some balcony-grown pineapple to enjoy. We try to grow one too and have been waiting for almost 2 years for it to grow fruit.

  13. Hello! I just found your banana peel soil enrichment post. Great blog! I saw a little pineapple plant in the store! But this is a great idea - I hope you find success with this project

  14. I tried this indoors and was left with fruit flies... :) I won't do that again.

  15. I have heard that pineapples can be grown as yours. Looking forward to your progress reports.

  16. What a lovely post. I hope your pineapples grow really well!
    I didn't realise Mexico City is so cold.

  17. fer, As a young kid I tried growing pineapple in a pot. It never produced a pineapple but it did grow. It was one of the ways I was beginning to see that I really liked growing things and probably added to all the other plants I tried growing eventually making me a gardener. So I guess you could say that the pineapple did produce fruit. It made me become a gardener! Jack

  18. Hi! I'm from mexico and I can say that not the whole country is that hot, right now we're in summer and it's very hot! But anyway, we don't really use to grow pineapples in our garden but it looks like fun.

    Here in mexico, pineapples are like 12 Mexican pesos (like a dollar) how much is a pineapple in Japan??

  19. Hola Monica!
    De que parte de mexico eres?

    En japon la piƱa mas barata que he comprado me costo 20 pesos, y estaba bastante chica. Pero he visto algunas que venden en las tiendas departamentales que cuestan mas de cien pesos cada una


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