Thursday 30 June 2011

My little garden in Japan June 2011

I can't believe it is the end of June already, this month went by so fast I couldn't really notice. Here is how my little garden in Japan is doing lately. Summer has really kick in at the garden, and pretty much everything is doing great right now. The balcony is completely green and grown, I can hardly walk among the plants, even though I do pruning regularly they are still overcoming me with so many new leafs.


Hope for more flowers and soon some pumpkins

  • The veggie planters are doing all great! The beans are so full of pods and the pumpkin is ready to give many flowers.

  • The flowerboxes are in a small period of growth with not many flowers because I just got the pansies out and new plants in, but I am expecting a lot of new blooms soon.

  • Finally I have some strawberries in the garden. This year because of April's vacation drought my strawberries lost their strength and most of them probably won't give any fruit for the season, however a couple of them did manage to put some flowers and now they are getting ready to be eaten.


Finally, delicious strawberries

  • The blueberries are growing more and more, I can't wait to august for them to be ready.

  • The tomatoes are completely covered with fruit, and If I count both the mini tomatoes and the big tomatoes I have more than 100 fruits getting more and more ripe every day. It is going to be an amazing summer for them.


The tomatoes keep growing and growing

  • The calla lilies keep on flowering. I discovered five different kinds among them, It is going to be so great next year when they bloom more properly.

  • The rest of the plants, with very few exceptions are doing well.


My little garden in japan is all full of green this summer

And last, the butterflies are all grown, but more about that later.


  1. Just a tiny bit of space for you to stand. That balcony is certainly full to bursting

  2. Green is good! Lush and full. You will have red berries soon, so the color come.

  3. I'd say that you have quite the Green Thumb. Your plants look so healthy. Perhaps that is why they survived our absence.

  4. It is hard to believe that you can grow so much in a small space. Everything looks great!


  5. wow tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries?!
    your balcony is gonna burst into color when they're all ripe :3

  6. That balcony is so FULL! You are THE master of getting lots of stuff out of little space! Your tomato plants are a long way ahead of mine too.

  7. 10o tomatoes? WOw that's a lot !I always loose mine to mealy bug...! Your garden is really doing great!

  8. Very green, good for the eyes :)

  9. That balcony is really packed! The only thing you're missing is a tree! Everything looks great!

  10. Very impressive! Reading about all your produce is making me crave fruits and vegetables.

  11. Your pumpkin, strawberries and tomatoes look so promising in that small balcony! Hope for a good harvest soon!

  12. Thank you very much! I hope the garden keeps growing well, but I have to be ready with the pruners to keep it in check

    Mark ~ I wish my peppers were doing as good as yours

    Casa mariposa ~ I have four maples growing, I have no idea what to do with them.

  13. Fer, your garden is impressive. The amount of plants you've managed in one small space, both flowers and fruit, is tremendous.

  14. Cute blog! I'll get hungry by looking so goodlooking veggies :)


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