Wednesday 24 November 2010

More winter vegetables to sow

Last time I went to the garden center, during the big sale where I got the flowers for last blooming day, I couldn't help but to peek around the seeds section; They had so many that I would like to try and that are still on season.
So, since I had such an amazing success with my homemade coldbag, I decided to give some more vegetables a try.


New winter veggies

I picked two new green vegetables to sow:
  • Spinach Great vegetable for winter here. Rich in vitamins and minerals. I think It will be a great addition to my veggies. They must be sowed on autumn and continue to grow until early spring. It is funny, I didn't know spinach seeds were so colorful.


Colorful Spinach and Bekana seeds

  • Bekana The Japanese version of the Small Chinese Cabbage. It is Yellowish-green with frilled leaves and white flat petioles. Great for stir-fry or soup. It grows all year round, really fast and very easily. Also, because its small size, it will be simple to grow it in my little balcony. The seeds are very similar to the Komatsuna

I will sow them inside a new coldframe I am working on. I hope they will be as successful as the last seedlings batch.


Stay tunned for the coldframe V2.0

Also, the blog carnival is decided! It will be the 30th of this month.

Be ready to post your favorite flower, vegetable, bush, tree, cactus, shrub, herb, moss, algae, fern, fruit, root, creeper, climber, grass, weed, bulb or any other plant you love (or more than one if you prefer).

Show us the best of your garden, meet fellow gardening bloggers and get some inspiration!


  1. Dear Fer, I do not grow a single vegetable in my garden but I do love Spinach. You are obviously very adventurous and successful with your vegetable growing and I admire that greatly. I look forward to hearing of your successes in due course.

    Thank you so much for making my weblog a 'Favourite'. I am so thrilled to have come across you and have added myself as a 'Follower' in order to keep up with your future postings.

  2. The seeds are an amazing colour Fer

  3. I think your spinach seeds have been coated for easier handling. My radish seeds have that same bright green exterior. Bekana sounds very interesting, I'm looking at trying different greens in my plot next year and something easy to grow always sounds appealing!

  4. I think Marguerite is right -- those seeds have been artificially coloured, probably with an anti-fungal agent. Now here's a thought: if the bright green Spinach seeds produce "Greens" do the bright blue seeds of Bekana (a veg I have never heard of, incidentally) produce "Blues"?

  5. I've never seen seeds looking like that!

    Today, I nearly bought a little alpine strawberry plant. I'm regretting that I didn't now.


  6. Good luck with your winter crop. Can't wait to see everyone at the blog carnival.

  7. Bekana looks very interesting, I have never seen it. Good luck with growing both of them.
    I will have to see what is this "blog carnival" on 30th!

  8. Good luck with your winter greens. I love spinach, a good choice.

  9. Hi,fer!
    I believe it is getting cold in Tokyo.
    Your coldframes is upgraded? I wanna try it too for winter vegetables.

  10. Good luck growing your greens. I found spinach easy to grow, but I am sure you are well practiced in vegetable growing.

  11. So colourful seeds! Good luck on your winter garden!

  12. Interesting seeds that you cant find in Sweden, Bekana is also goodlooking as just seeds but i guess it tastes great

    thanks for commenting!

    Christina, sweden

  13. Thank You!
    I think the spinach seeds are coated, their color doesn't look very natural, but they still look very funny.
    I hope they all grow great! it will be funny if they do grow "blues", the komatsuna that has the same color for seed does have a hint of blue.

    I hope you all get great crops and blooms and everything! thanks for stopping by

  14. Thanks for the comment. We had great success with pumpkins and tomatoes this year. jim

  15. Good luck on growing your veggies! I love spinach and have been tempted to grow my own. This is also a good time to plant spinach here. Problem is, I'm tired of gardening and want to take a break during our short winter!

  16. You've reminded me that I should really try and start some salad leaves off, eating fresh greens at this time of year always makes me feel so much better, and I really should grow not buy! Thank you for the inspiration! I think I can learn a lot from you as I grow all veg in containers on my crowded patio, so what works for you will probably work for me, allowing for a few climatic differences!

  17. Hi Fer, good luck with the cold frame. I got quite excited about the beautiful coloured seeds, what a shame it is due to chemicals not nature. cheers, catmint

  18. Hi Fer,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. We had such a warm fall, that it's hard to handle the colder temps that have come our way. I have some salad greens that survived last I looked, but they won't for long if I don't brave the weather and get them harvested.

    Your greens look interesting. I hope they grow well for you. I have some windows I want to figure out how to make a cold frame with, but we're not very handy at our house.

  19. Thank you for all the comments, is always so encouraging to have so many nice words!
    The second batch of seeds is already sprouting, so the new coldframe worked too. I hope they all keep growing nicely.


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