Sunday 14 November 2010

More flowers for blooming day!

This weekend there was a big sale at the garden center and I could not resist at all. I end up buying a second rack and planter to have even more flowers on my little balcony garden. I also got a bunch of other things, but I will introduce those later.

I set the flowers on their planter today, I hope they continue to grow and bloom even though the weather is getting a bit cold.


When I finished setting them up,
I got a nice sunset for reward

Here is a little list of the flowers I got, and also my other flowers for blooming day.


The new flower pot

I got a bit more of the same, but also some new ones.
  • Stock I found another color that I really like

  • Lemon marigold There was also a chocolate marigold that really smelled like chocolate, but this one is from mexico so it won my heart


The marigold has a very nice minty lemony scent

  • Pansy Some more, to have flowers all winter

  • Nadeshiko(fringed Pink) The season is almost over, but i really like the color

  • Alyssum Can't get enough of the scent


I really like this color of alyssum,
hope I can get some seeds from it

  • Blue ballon scabiosa Very puffy, and with a very nice color too.

As for my other flowers, my geranium is still blooming nicely and I have new flowers from the red geranium


I hope this one will continue blooming in December


New flowers from the red geranium

The globe amaranth, one of my favorite flowers, is also blooming. Although they are starting to dry now, I will try to get some seeds from it for next season.


Globe amaranth is definitely one of my favorites

The other flower pot is still nice. It suffered a bit from some wind last week but still have plenty of color.


The pansies keep growing too


The winter cosmos got a bit bald from the wind but a lot of new buttons are comming

Happy blooming day!


Here are the two flower pots together


  1. I have been reading through your blog and enjoying the time spent so much! Your photography is gorgeous as is your garden, I am amazed by the variety of lovely plants you have growing, how wonderful!

  2. Your mixed pots are amazing! Waiting for your cyclamens now... :)

  3. What a cheery container of plants. So many lovely colours to liven up your balcony. I think the globe amaranth is my favourite as well.

  4. Looks lovely - geraniums certainly wouldn't last outside in December here

  5. So Fer, you have not only beautiful edible plants, but also beautiful ornamental plants too! I salute you for your absolute refusal to allow scarcity of space to inhibit your obvious love of gardening.

  6. They look lovely. It's hard to resist spending when the sales are on.

  7. You are so brave to live in such a built up place. It looks terrifying to me! But how elegant your garden! And how well you make the most of it in your photos! Bravo!


  8. How extraordinary garden! Those pots are planted like real gardens and the colours are simply wonderful together. Eszter

  9. You have so many flowers in a little of space of your balcony! Loved all of them too esp your pansies photo taken against the sky, like a picture postcard.

  10. Hi Fer..I really like your's fantastic. Nice flowers arrangement as well...the most i like, the pansies.
    Happy gardening!

  11. Morning fer

    Your flowers are so nice but I didnt see a pic of the chocolate marigold how lovely to have a flower that smells like chocolate. I marvel at your passion to be able to hv such a nice gdn in yr balcony.
    BTW, I need to ask if u know of a herb called honewoth? It looks like a parsley and I heard is very commonly eaten in Japan? I can't find it here

    regards cina

  12. So many flowers are blooming in your garden! They look so healthy!

  13. Its difficult to resist not buying anything from the nursery even though just stopping by to buy fertilizers or soil, ect. Your stock colour is so lovely. I had only white one last winter. It died already but we are keeping the seeds from them. Alyssum self-seed easily and here it blooms all year round. I am amaze you can grow so many things in your balcony. Your blooms are lucky it gets an amazing sunset to watch.

  14. Buenos dias! I like your pot of mixed blooms. It's no wonder you got that gorgeous sunset. I especially like your shots taken against the sky.

  15. You have very pretty blooms. I like your container garden, it is very charming with all the beautiful, colourful flowers. Who can resist all the nice plants at the nurseries! Nowadays, to limit myself from buying more, I make sure I do not bring more money than I budgeted for, that's the only way I could resist buying more! I'm your newest follower. Will be back to snoop around!

  16. Thank you all!
    Is so nice to come and find so many comments. And thanks to the new faces, It makes me very happy to see more people finding my blog.

    I think for now I am set on buying anymore, mostly because there is not anymore space. But you never know..

    cina_fong~ I didn't got the chocolate flower, i think maybe next year. The smell is very nice, I will see if I can get a photo. As for the plant I think you are referring to Mitsuba. It is common here for cooking

  17. I think your lovely flowers are enjoying the view from the top. They are good friends living together, sharing accocmmodation in the container.

  18. Your hanging containers look fantastic ... such a lovely grouping of flowers in each. Your photos are so clear and crisp ... that sunset shot is just fantastic.

  19. What a gorgeous sunset, that really was a reward for your effort. Your little balcony blooms brighter than gardens hundreds of times its size. So pretty.

  20. Your gardening enthusiasm is really inspiring. Lovely flowers. What is next?

  21. Nice to meet you! Thank you for the visit--your blog is so beautiful :)

  22. I am always amazed at your efforts whenever I come here. Those flowers! I wish I could do the same but it's just too cold here. Thank you for sharing so much color on this very gray day in Italy. ^-^

  23. That first picture is stunning! I've never heard of lemon marigold, and now I'm going to have to find out more.

  24. Hi, fer!
    I love the first photos showing flowers against sunset sky.
    I hope you would like my photos of Sakura!

  25. I'm very impressed with your garden. Your plants are really vibrant and attractive. What have you been feeding them?

  26. Thank you! is so great to have so many nice words and also to see new people visiting the blog. Nice to meet you!

    Kalipso~ I have so many post planned,just wait and see.

    Jennah~ If you are interested the full name is Mexican lemont mint marigold it has a very nice and strong lemon-minty scent, also, it is edible, both leaves and flowers.

    One~ I don't usually feed much to the flowers, but I do have a natural fertilizer recipe I will share on a later post, keep in touch.

  27. Nice flowers with different horizons but still the same. Liked your pictures. Have a good weekend
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård

  28. Beautiful flowers and so many different colours
    I like them all. Great shots.

    Have a nice weekend

  29. The plantings really work well together - so colourful - and such a contrast to the buildings on the horizon. I hope they keep on blooming despite the cold!
    Have an lovely weekend.

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