Monday 28 February 2011

One more flowerbox ready for the garden!

Last week I got a couple more plants to fill the last flower box together with the baby primrose, the lavender and the chocolate cosmos. As always I got a bit carried away and got more than I could fit, but I don't have any regrets. The new flowerbox looks amazing! I hope it will keep growing nicely all spring.


More flowers for my garden!

Unfortunately, a bit before I had a chance to set up the new flowerbox, we had a night of very strong winds (one of the drawbacks from living in a sky rise). The wind knocked over the chocolate cosmos and broke the plant. It wasn't a fatal wound, but I think is better to give it some time to recover before transplanting it. So, only the lavender and the baby primrose could go in the new flower box.

I got a couple more nice flowers to live along in that planter. I decided to go with a couple of perennials this time, just for a change, but I still tuck a couple annuals along too.

  • Baby primrose. Last time I had gotten the white one, but they look so great I could not resist and got a purple one too.


fairy primrose, it looks like little butterfly wings

  • Daisy. I am not sure of the variety, I could not find a translation to english, but I like this kind. They look like little pompons when they are about to open. I got a red and a white, they look very nice together.


This red one is one of my favorites


I hope the bees will be happy this spring

  • Osteospermum. I was not sure if growing three perennials on the same pot would be good, because I don't want to compete among each other when they grow. But, how could I resist? the flowers look amazing. I will trim the roots often if I have to. I just hope it blooms for a long time.


I also got a purple osteospermum, they look great


Spring is almost here

Having the new flowers blooming makes it feel so much like spring is here already, hopefully they will grow well in there. I still have to find a place for the chocolate cosmos, but I still have to make some more planning for that.


  1. We gardeners sometimes need a bit of Retail Therapy, don't we??? And buying the odd plant now and then is a lot less expensive than collecting shoes, or jewellery...

  2. What a shame about the cosmos, I'm sure it will pull through though. I think your daisy is a bellis.

  3. You always make wonderful flowerbox. All beautiful flowers, your little garden is already in spring!

  4. All the blooms look cheerful even exposed with cold wind.

  5. Super,super,super!!!!
    This red one is my favorites too.

  6. I'm trying osteospernums from seed this year. Sorry about your chocolate cosmos - did you try take a cutting from the bit that broke off?

  7. Dear Fer, I was sad to read of the accident with the Cosmos atrosanguineus. I think that this is a most stylish and elegant plant which really does have a pronounced chocolate scent in warm weather. I am sure that after ts convalescence it will recover to give you much pleasure all summer long.

  8. Kudo's to you. Still too cold to plant here.

  9. Hi Fer, in spite of the little mishap your balcony is certainly taking shape. Your daisy is indeed a Bellis, a great Spring plant which is generally under used.

  10. Your flower boxes will be so lush and full and beautiful. We are still in the dull brown of winter: brown, bare trees, brown grass, not even any green sprouts of anything yet, but the ground is not frozen, either. Early Spring? Hope so. Until then (and even after) I'll continue to enjoy your flower boxes. Hey, high rise or not, the wind sweeps across the landscape here and does just as much damage. cheers. ann

  11. I love the combination of red, white and's a bit unexpected but really mixes together so well. Beautiful. Happy Spring!

  12. Lovely primula, such a great colour. Sorry about your cosmos.

  13. Fer, Once again I envy you and the fact that you are already planting. Way too cold here to think of that, so I spend my time on the Blogs. I very mush like your choice of the osteospermum. It is one of my favorites. Simple and elegant at the same time. Good choice. Today I worked on a posting on Monarch Butterflies. Made me think of Japan, butterflies do that to me for whatever the reason. Keep up the planting for all of us months away form that kind of fun. Jack

  14. Thank you very much! I think we benefit from the mild weather. Flowers start blooming so early

    Sue ~ I think she will make it, but I will take that cutting later for sure.

    Thank you for teaching me the name, sometimes I can't find the equivalent to the names in Japanese.


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