Sunday 9 January 2011

Time to dig up the calla lily bulbs

Earlier this month, I dug up my calla lilies. Normally calla bulbs are taken out from the ground in fall, but here in japan we have a more tender temperatures, so calla lilies take a bit longer to fade into bulbs. They even had some foliage in late December, I think the slightly warmer month we had help them stay around so long.


My Calla lily blooming this past summer

I was a bit afraid they would not be in a good condition because this summer they suffered heavily from the vacation drought. Back then they dropped a lot of leafs and also some went limp. I thought it would have stopped their development or even worst they could have gone rotten. Luckily, they all seem to be ok. Some didn’t grow as much, but I have at least four that I think have a decent size, also, none show any sign of rot.


The first pot had some small bulbs
but a couple promising enough

When I dug them up, a couple still have a fair amount of roots, so I let them be a bit longer in the soil. I think with the recent cold and no water, they should drop the remaining roots very soon, I will check on them next week. The rest are sitting in a little wood pot outside to harden them a little. I will get them in a better place later.


The second had much better bulbs,
but they still had a lot of roots

I feel so lucky my calla lily keeps on living, back when I got it I almost kill it because I had no idea how to take care of it. I didn't even know its name, I just bought it out of a whim. Little by little, with a lot of luck and some research, I have learn more about them and their care, and this year everything seems to have gone well. They bloomed beautifully and it seems I have at least other three or four new bulbs that will possibly bloom next year.


Calla lily bulbs ready for next season

Maybe next year I will wait a week or two more before taking them out, and of course I will try avoid any more droughts. Also a bit of banana fertilizer at the beginning of their growth should help them get stronger.

Also, if I see any other nice color I will make sure to add it to my garden. I already have my eye on a beautiful yellow variety.

One more thing, remember, the Carnival will be this January 17th!

new year gardening resolutions

New Year Gardening Resolutions

Be ready with a post about what do you plan on doing at your garden this next year, maybe about one particular plant you want to have, a renovation you will do, a special patch you will grow, a new gardening technique you will give a try, or any other project you have prepared for this new year.


  1. They are beautiful flowers. Thanks for the growing tips.

  2. Always enjoy reading what you are up to. I save a few bulbs myself, Peacock orchid, Spider Lily, some glads.

  3. Your calla lilies are so pretty. I have a special fondness for them. My mother carried calla lily flowers on her wedding day, almost 64 years ago.

    My next-door neighbor has calla lily bulbs that she plants in containers every summer. The bulbs were her grandmother's, then her mother's and now they are hers to cherish and then maybe pass on to her daughter who is now only nine years old.

    Tell me more about banana fertilizer, please. This was a lovely post. I enjoyed it. I've had no time to do my own blogging and can't wait to get back to it on a regular basis.

    Happy Day To You, donna

  4. One of my favorite flowers .. how lovely!

  5. I was also curious about the banana fertilizer. Fertilizer made for bananas or out of bananas?

  6. Lucky you to have Calla lilies. Reminds me of Maria Callas, the opera singer, regal and beautiful. We only have the white variety here and even then its very difficult to survive cuz they are cultivated in cooler climate like Cameron Highlands then distributed to nurseries here.


  7. So beautiful. It's new info for me, I learn something new today. Thanks for sharing.

  8. We leave our Callas in ground through the winter, I think I am a lazy gardener, not real keen on digging things up.
    Will try to get the garden planning post up after my tree post on Tuesday.

  9. Calla are such regal plants. They have an elegance to them that is hard to explain.

  10. Callas are so pretty. A close friend who married over the summer carried them in her bouquet. They're hard to grow here because of our unprecitable winters so I'm happy you have the chance to enjoy them! I also give bananas to my roses. Do you do anything special to yours?

  11. Your calla lillies is a beauty. This is a very good post for "seed week". Can't wait for the carnival, hopefully I have a post related to it by that day.

  12. Your calla lilies are beautiful. It is no wonder you take such care to enjoy them.

    I'm hoping to head to Japan before the month's end. Will I be required papers if I want to buy some plants to bring out of Japan with me? If you can give me any advice about this I would appreciate it greatly.

  13. Thank you very much! hopefully they will be ok, and will bloom nicely next season.

    donna & mss ~ the banana fertilizer is really easy, just blend a couple of banana peels with some water. I have the recipe on one of my post from November

    TS ~ I will also give some bananas to them, and some nice pruning in spring

    Bom ~ I dont think you will have much problem getting the plants out of Japan (as long as it is not any protected or illegal plant, the problem will be if you can get them in your country, they might check if you have the papers for importing them and the proof of purchase, and that you have them properly packed.

  14. I had the same colour calla lily for my wedding 8 years ago. I tried growing them but it didn't work, but you've inspired me to try again!

    Do you lift them because they are in pots? I live in Shizuoka ken and I haven't heard of anyone lifting them from the garden.

  15. I've seen a lovely dark purple - almost black variety.

  16. Sometimes I think the best gardening experiences I have had are buying plants I know nothing about and then learning about them through trial and error. It must have been disheartening when your bulbs went limp but it looks like you've learned so much from your experience and I think your bulbs will be exceptionally taken care of from now on.

  17. They're gorgeous flowers. I hope they grow well again for you once they're replanted.

  18. Thank you! I was so lucky because even when the stems went limp, the bulbs were still fine.

    Sue ~ this ones were darker when I got them, I don't know why they turn more clear.

    achan ~ Yes, I take them out because they are in pots, and up here with the wind it does get very cold. But I think here in tokyo they can survive perfectly in the soil if needed. I also take them out because I want to renew their soil and get them in a new planter for the next season.

  19. I like so much your callas, gorgeous colour!

  20. Such a stunning color! Good luck with the replanting :)

  21. I had a white Cala Lily which I kept in a pot it only flowered really well when it became root bound. In late Autumn I would place the pot in the unheated greenhouse. When the leaves died back I would cut the dead stems fully back. I just left it in the pot and it survived for years, then last Winter I left it outside by mistake, by the time I realized the frost had killed it. Your post Fer, has encouraged me to get more in the Spring.

  22. Your calla is very nice. I live in Mongolia and here i cannot find the calla bulbs. We have only white color. Could you advise me please where i can get calla bulbs of various colors in Japan (Tokyo)? I would like to have many colors of calla. Thank you.

  23. hello there.. your garden looks so fascinating. the calla lilies are gorgeous!

    i am looking to buy some calla lily bulbs in tokyo. can you give me any suggestions as to where I can get them ? this weekend I am planning to go to suwada nursery to get some orchids; thought I can get these too if it is possible.


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