Sunday 31 July 2011

My little garden in Japan July 2011

Sunny July was a good month for the plants, most of them grew a lot. Here is how my little garden in Japan made it through the month.


My little balcony garden has done well this summer

Summer flowers are in full bloom, the petunias, geraniums, marigolds, amaranth globe and others are doing amazing. Even the calla lily and the osteospermum give out a couple of unexpected flowers.


Summer flowers are in full bloom

The tomatoes gave a great harvest all month long, but sadly a heat wave got to them at the end of the month and almost kill them all. Now they are recovering slowly. Hopefully I will be able to get a couple more crops out of them before the season ends.

The grape has grown very well. It really has loved the sunny days. It already formed a whole circle around the poles like it was intended. Everything is going according to the plan. I am expecting a lot of great fruit bearings for next year.


The grape has grown a lot and it's getting ready for next season

The pumpkin finally started to give out some female flowers, unfortunately none of them has kept yet. I guess the plant is still not strong enough. Maybe in august we will have some, but the time is running out.


Hopefully some of the pumpkin flowers will set before the season ends

The blueberries started to become plump. I picked a couple, but they were not ready, so I will let them be another week
or so.

A lot of growth in the strawberries. I think next year will definitely be much better than this.


Summer at the balcony

So far most of the balcony garden is doing well. Summer has made most of the plants grow very well but the heat has taken a bit of its toll too, still not enough to worry. I am wishing august will be as good.


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  2. This summer is much cooler than the last summer when the record-high temp in some places in Japan.
    The cool temperature, actually we still feel it hot, help your tomatoes recovery.

  3. Great to read and see that your plants are largely doing well... :)

  4. fer, Finally a quiet evening, I can now check out a few Blogs. Thought I would see what you are up to. I am amazed at all the plants you get on your balcony. You really do get lots into your garden. Like you, the July here was very very hot. Now it is a little more normal and I am happy for that. I am not going to page through your recent post to catch up on you. Jack

  5. Fer - such great progress! I especially love the angle of your last photo. It is beautiful.

  6. You have the proverbial green thumb, Fer. Your balcony garden rivals any traditional garden. I read your post on how you want to trellis your grape. I planted a grape vine this summer and I am still wondering how I will support it. I like your idea. How. did it work?

  7. Wow, so much has grown since I last visited. Your pumpkin flower is certainly turning into fruit. Wish you a good month for your plants this month.

  8. It's a jungle out there! I never cease to be amazed at what you can grow in a small space.

  9. fer, I'm thrilled to see the grapevine wandering it's way across your balconey. So wonderful to see how that worked for you. and pumpkins! Another plant I never would have thought to see on a balconey but you've made it work.

  10. Your little garden is looking nice and healthy Fer! :)

  11. I can't get over how you fit everything into your balcony. :-D I realize it is larger than your old balcony but still . . .

    Thanks to your help, my grape vine seems to be flourishing. Now I just need to see if it will bear fruit.

  12. I never fail to be amazed at how much you grow on your balcony! It's become a little farm! Sorry about your tomatoes. Have you ever tried self-watering pots? They keep the plants much moister than regular pots.

  13. So fast you've filled up your balcony with so many plants. You even have grapes and pumpkin in the balcony!! That is really amazing.

  14. Such a beautiful flower and vegetable garden.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  15. Thank you very much! The garden is doing well so far. The hot summer keeps on taking its toll, but not too bad.

    Ann ~ The grape keeps on growing, now it reached the shape I wanted. Just have to wait for next year and hope for fruit.

    Casa mariposa ~ I do have been checking on selfwatering pots, maybe I will make some for next season.

  16. Your new garden is doing very well! SO many collection of plants! Nice to see the pumpkin. I never have luck with pumpkin....

  17. You did well for your balcony garden. Mine is not that good because of the heat. I suppose I haven;t watered them down more often. Congratulations on your garden.

  18. You did a very great job on the garden! It looks amazing and considering the lack of space... You're like a super gardener!

  19. Hi fer

    Imagine I have not dropped by your blog for the past 6 mths. I also just past the 1 year mark and like u I was thinking of quitting but have decided to continue abit. Keep it up fer yours is one of the nicest, cutest and most colourful. Your flowers are so pretty and u write very interestingly too. regards

  20. I hope this blog is still alive because is really an Inspiration to us gardeners without too much space.


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