Monday 4 July 2011

First harvest of the summer

I just cut my first batch beans from the garden. They were the first plants to give fruit and mature this season. I only have tree stalks growing along with the pumpkins, but I must say, they have performed admirably. Since the start, they grew like crazy, and they only stopped after the plants were loaded with bean pods.


First harvest of summer, beans

I was a bit worried for them at the beginning because I wasn't sure if they will give any fruit. I got the seeds from a batch of beans I bought to cook and I didn't know if they were viable to be planted. Also, last year when I tried to grow them I ended up with a planter with three very dry stalks of beans and no crops at all, they didn’t even put out any flowers. Lucky me, this year I was able to keep them alive and they succeeded giving a lot of flowers and a lot of bean pods.

I like growing beans because they remind me of back when I was a kid when I used to grow them in Mexico city with my dad. They are very easy to take care, give a nice harvest very soon and help many plants they grow along with. Beans are just a great plant to have in a balcony garden.


There is still plenty more beans to harvest

The fresh cut harvest already passed by the frying pan and into my plate, and I must say, they tasted amazing. I really recommend to everybody to grow their own vegetables, the flavor of homegrown food is much better than most of the store bought vegetables.

I think the next crops to be ready for picking will be the tomatoes and the strawberries. I will keep posted.


  1. They seem very early in relation to the strawberries. Do you know what kind they are? Must be very satisfying to manage to grow real food in a small space.


  2. There is nothing as delicious as that first flush of Summer's beans!

  3. That's good harvest of beans! Hope you will have many tomatoes and strawberries to harvest!

  4. We had our first broccoli the other night; if your beans were that tasty, wow. Well worth the wait and the effort. Your little garden is quite amazing, fer.

  5. True that home grown tastes better especially carrots!

  6. What a great example of successful gardening in a small space. I agree--there's nothing like harvesting and consuming vegetables and fruits that you grow yourself! Your first photo on this post is making me hungry!

  7. fer, I couldn't agree with you more that homegrown food just tastes so much better. I eat vegetables from my garden that I wouldn't normally buy in the store simply because the taste is so different.

  8. I've had one of my peas and a couple of my radishes, and it gave me immense joy, even though that was on a snack-level, rather than as part of an actual meal. Still, the peas should be ready for harvesting next weekend, and the radishes I can't eat quickly enough! Oh, the joy!

    My beans, though, are a bit behind, but they had to be sown fairly late as the last frost lingered on a bit too long this year.

  9. You are making me excited to harvest our first crop of beans! Nothing better than home grown food!

  10. Thank you very much! it was very rewarding having them, now just have to wait for everything else.

    Lucy ~ No idea what kind they are, but I think they are on time, is the strawberries that got late.

  11. Amazing! I harvested a few Green peppers.


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