Tuesday 31 May 2011

My little garden in Japan may 2011

It is the end of May and I almost forgot to do the monthly update, so just to finish the month here is how my garden is doing. Most plants are doing great, all the vegetables are growing like crazy and many of the other plants are getting new leaves.


Summer is here

With summer so close, a lot of the winter flowers are starting to fade. The flowerboxes are starting to look a bit shaggy and dull. I think is time I take away the pansies from the flowerbox and get new flowers for this season. The good part is that many of the summer flowers are starting to bloom. The calla lily has been flowering since a couple weeks ago, the same for the lavender. The dahlia just started blooming, the survivor chocolate cosmos also has some buttons and the zempasuchitl is right behind. All summer flowers are ready to go.


All the summer flowers are ready to go

The tomatoes are already growing fruit, and they keep growing more and more. If I don’t check on them just one day, they go away from the trellis. They are certainly unruly, but I am sure the tomatoes will be worth it.


The first tomatoes of the season

The strawberries are a bit worrisome, they still don’t have any blooms. I was expecting some all this month but so far nothing. I hope they didn't waste all their energy back at April with the vacation drought. Not much I can do but wait.

The blueberries are getting bigger every day. Since they flowered in the windy days, I was afraid I would not get much fruit, but it seems a lot of them made it. I am glad that the assisted pollination worked. Now I just have to hope the birds don't decide to take them away.


Delicious blueberries

The only bad news is the red rose. It got sick since I went to Mexico, and despite my best efforts I doesn't seem to be getting better. It had some flower buds but it dropped them, along with all the leaves, now is just a couple of sticks that keep getting more and more yellow every day. I think I will have to say good bye and get a new one, but I still have a little hope.

With all the plants growing so much, I need to keep pruning very diligently or the balcony will become a jungle very fast. It is definitely the start of summer at My little balcony.


  1. How lovely! Thank you for the update1 I have nothing much to show still...

  2. How great that you are able to grow so much on a small balcony. Tomatoes already!


  3. It is always disheartening when our garden begins to wind down. I enjoyed your recipe for lemon balm tea; do you have one for chamomile? I have quite a nice stand of it in full bloom. It smells so good. cheers. ann

  4. What a charming little garden you have there! You're lucky to grow blueberries and strawberries - my favorite fruits! Here in the Philippines, it's next to impossible to grow them in the garden. I love your blog! Just so nice to know that even with limited space, plants are lovingly grown :-)

  5. Did you get sick because of the pollen (kafunsho) because it is spring there? Hope you feel much better. Your tomatoes look very good!

  6. Hope the rose recovers! How nice to have such a good mix of ornamental and edible plants on your balcony. My tomatoes and Blueberries are at about the same stage as yours.

  7. Your garden is really very cheerful , looking forward for summer i guess!
    How i envy your blueberries! I can't grow them here...

  8. June has arrived quickly hasn't it.

    Roses are quite sturdy plants - if you scrape bacj the bark on the twigs and it is green underneath it is still alive and kicking. Cut back any dead pieces to a healthy looking bud and cross fingers. Maybe repot it into some fresh compost and treat it to some TLC.

  9. Great update, Fer! Most of your plants seem to be doing well. Sorry to hear about your rose and strawberries, though.

  10. Thank you very much! I am happy the garden is doing well, but the summer is coming, and that means it is going to be very busy. hopefully it will still be ok.

    Diana ~ Thanks, I didn't get sick, just a little busy but now it's fine.

    Sue ~ Thanks I will try, but I am afraid it is a bit worst than I thought, all the trunk almost went black.


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