Monday 10 October 2011

My little garden in japan September 2011

In September I went back to Mexico for a couple weeks, and while I did leave the garden in good hands, a lot of things happened and the garden really suffered. We had two typhoons a bunch of heat waves, a small cold wave, caterpillars munching on several plants and just to top it all, beetles. Over all it was much than the little balcony could handle, even if I would have been here.


The garden got a lot of damage

  • Most of the plants on the flowerboxes died or got too damaged. The very strong winds from the typhoon even split open a couple of them.

  • All of the annual crops went full dry or sick, they were on their way out anyways so no point trying to rescue them.


This marigold got split open by the wind

  • The grape got a bit hurt by the wind, it lost a bunch of leaves and its trellis got slightly damaged.

  • The calla lilies were almost all eaten by caterpillars, they also suffered from the wind and got all bended, so I must repot them.

The pumpkin and most summer crops died

  • Most of the herbs died from the drought, so my herb patch is gone. I will have to start getting them again too.

  • The main strawberry crop died completely. It was all munched from the inside by grubs. It is my fault for not using proper mulch, but at least this time I got a back up to start them again.


June beetles love the strawberry, the soil is perfect for their grubs

  • For the rest of the plants, most are a bit hurt or got damaged soil, so I will be repotting most of them.


I already started getting ready for the new garden

So, now I have to work hard and bring the garden back to life. It will be a big project that will take me a long time, money and effort. But it is all good. This is a great opportunity to start over and also to share a lot of techniques about starting a garden from scratch. Keep posted to see how it works


  1. It's a sad sight to see all the plants like that but as you say a great opportunity for a fresh start!

  2. Sorry to hear about all the disasters, but as you say, you do now have the opportunity to start again from scratch, putting into practice all the lessons you have learned up till now.
    BTW: with my ignorance of Japanese food, I thought you were going to advocate EATING the June-bug grubs! :)

  3. I agree, its all so disappointing but what fun starting from scratch again.

  4. The two typhoons passing over Japan were so powerful that they affected most areas of Japan. If you had been with your plants, you had been able to get prepared for the typhoons.
    But for your own safety, it's lucky that you were not in Japan while the typhoons passed over Japan.

  5. Sad to see that there was so much damage. Best of luck remaking the garden - I am sure you will have fun along the way... :)

  6. Best wishing in the remake of your garden, I'll enjoy reading your posts in the future and learning some additional tips and tricks from you! Cheers, Jenni

  7. I am so sorry to read about your garden. I am convinced that gardening and vacations do not mix, nor do bad weather garden invaders. Your grape should survive. As you say, you will have experience behind you as you begin to replant. If you still want sunflower seeds email me your address. My email address: Hope to hear from you. Good Luck.

  8. oh no :( I am so sorry about your garden. I know you'll be able to grow a beautiful garden again since you've already done it before.

    Goodluck!! :)

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope you are able to get things going again soon. The photo of your new start is very pretty.

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