Saturday, 27 August 2011

Summer crops

This summer was an amazing season for the edibles in my garden. All of the crops grew like crazy and even thought I got a couple setbacks there were still a lot of vegetables and fruits with every harvest. Not bad at all for a small balcony garden.


Every harvest gave me a full platter of food

I had four big harvest out the plants, and every time I got to fill a big plate with all the produce. I also got a lot of minor harvests because every time I needed herbs or more fruits all I needed to do is pick them from the balcony.


I got many fresh beans from the garden

This year there were many plants in the garden. The tomato plants were definitely my main crop, I had tree big plants, they grew a lot and gave a many fruits. I also have basil and some more herbs that took very well the summer and grew many new leaves.


The strawberries were few but good


Pumpkin flowers taste great with cheese

The chilies also gave a big crop although a bit skinny. I had my first batch of blueberries ever and a bit of strawberries. And the pumpkin, even thought it didn't fruit I got many flowers to eat.


Not bad for a very small balcony garden

It was amazing having so much fruits and vegetables, I had never grown so much food. I deeply recommend to anybody with a garden to grow at least a little corner of edibles. It is very rewarding, it saves a bit of money and it gives you very tasty fresh food to eat.


  1. I take my hat off to you - I deeply admire your harvest!

  2. Impressive. It must be very satisfying to achieve this in a small space. Indeed, to achieve it at all! I tried chillies for the first time this year - total failure!

  3. Not bad? I think that's EXCELLENT for a balconey garden. You had a pumpkin plant up there when most people with yards won't plant pumpkin because of the space needed. Speaking of which, I had no idea the flowers were edible. Is that any kind of squash flower or just the pumpkin flowers?

  4. That certainly is an impressive harvest for a small balcony garden. Yum! Your Tomatoes look especially tasty!

  5. I am amazed at what your were able to grow on your patio. Absolutely amazing. Everyone should know how to grow a bit of their own food. It is healthy, good for the body and the spirit. You had a great harvest.

  6. Beautiful photos of a successful harvest :)

  7. Fantastic! For all those like myself who wont or say they haven't the room for growing food stuff, I will say, take a look at my garden in Japan.

  8. Wauww,you have a great production! Un abbraccio.

  9. Amazing! Great job!

  10. And don't forget the ornamental value of edible crops! I mean, a strawberry is actually more striking than its flower, and I've grown some purple French beans this year which looked stunning with the dark purple beans hanging between lush green foliage.

  11. How productive your balcony is!
    Your garden in the balcony is so accessible that you can care your vegetables everyday and that's why your plants can give you lots of fruits!, I believe.

  12. Thank you very much! I was very happy to get a nice crop this season, now I have to start planing for winter.

    Marguerite ~ In Mexico we love to eat those. From what I know all of those flowers are edible, just be sure to pan fry to take away the bitterness

  13. Beautiful shining tomatoes! You did a good job with having a small space and making it so productive.

  14. nice photos of everything! i see you are combing your passion for growing vegetables with your love of photography. thanks for sharing!


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